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Experienced living room renovation contractor in Singapore that will create a pleasing space for your family’s needs

If you’re considering a living room renovation, you first need to take a close look at your personal/family lifestyle.

How you like to make use of this space will determine the details of your living room remodel. And time spent during the planning stage will minimise the risks of costly mistakes once the makeover gets under way.

Planning ahead is especially important if you’re aiming to create a larger space, which could entail structural alterations. Changing your mind half-way into a remodel like this will significantly increase the duration and costs of the project.

Interior designer Karen Soojian, of the American Society of Interior Designers, says designing a new-look living room is a journey. “It takes time to develop ideas and do things right. In other words, you need to know your destination and how you plan to get there.”

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We’ll help you make the most of your space in a living room renovation and remodel

For condo or HDB living room design where space is a constraint, we’ll recommend you ways to:

  • Make better use of available space. Since space is limited in your home, you can consider going for a living room design that can serve more than one purpose. For example, have an adjacent open-plan kitchen-diner, so that your family can cook, eat, and entertain together.
  • Choose space-saving fixtures and furniture. Swap your long sofa for an L-shaped corner unit, and use wall-mounted lighting rather than floor lamps. If you have an old, boxy television, replace it with a flat-screen TV that you can mount on the wall.
  • Make your living room appear larger. For example, paint the walls in light, neutral colours, and using cream, instead of white, for the ceiling, to produce a softer Of course, you can always add a splash of brighter colour to turn one wall into a focal point; for a tranquil mood, try blue or green, or, to bring a touch of the outdoors into your living area, consider yellows or greens. A tip: Before making a final commitment on your colour scheme, test different colours and shades on your walls.
  • Incorporate storage areas in your living room design. Items, such as kids’ toys and your stacks of magazines, can then be stashed away when company calls.

However, if you live in a larger home where space isn’t at a premium, you can erect partition walls to create an additional room with adjoining bathroom or toilet – perhaps to accommodate family members or friends who stay over occasionally.

Help on your choice of flooring for the living room

If you have frequent parties at home

Your living room refit should incorporate robust elements that can withstand wear and tear, if you enjoy hosting big get-togethers.

The likelihood of accidents and mishaps, such as spilled drink or food, is a constant worry when you fill your living space with guests. So, we’d recommend that you choose an appropriate type of flooring – ceramic, wood, laminate, vinyl, or marble, for example ­– that can handle rough treatment.

That luxurious, expensive, deep-pile cream-coloured carpet may look fantastic in the showroom, but you don’t want to end up spending hours beavering away at trying to get a red-wine stain out of it.

If you have young children at home

Your choice of flooring should also be a key element of your living room renovation, if you have children scooting about your home. They won’t be spilling red wine all over the place, but they can leave a trail of dirty footprints in their wake.

If the kids are adept at leaving footprint trails across the floor, consider having a storage area for shoes at the main door.

To ensure the finished floor doesn’t jeopardise the safety of your children or any elderly relatives living with you, we’d suggest the use of anti-slip varnish or paint or a slip-resistant covering.

If you want to add a touch of class to your living room

Whether you have plumped for bare flooring or carpets, the strategic placing of rugs will add a touch of class to your living room remodel, provided they match the size and style of the space.

We can help you decide.

The Australian Homelife website recommends choosing a rug big enough so the front feet of all the furniture in your living room can be placed on it. “This provides balance and creates zones for your room, and will make it feel larger too,” says Homelife. Non-slip washable rugs are a safe and convenient solution.

Should you paint or paper the walls in your living room?

We can provide the full range of renovation works for your living room and in a full house renovation. One common question our customers ask is: “What should I do with the walls?”


Kids are capable of imprinting mucky handprints on the walls. So, if you have children, give your living room walls a lick of washable paint.


If kids don’t figure in the equation, you have the option of using wallpaper to give your living room a warmer feel.

Wallpapers come in a huge range of styles, from the cheap and cheerful woodchip to the expensive, opulent hand-printed.

You can also get washable wallpaper – great when it comes to wiping away your kids’ grubby paw-prints – but it won’t stop your children doing permanent damage with their sharp little fingernails.

Note: If you’re carrying out a living room remodel with the intention of increasing the value of your property when selling or renting it out, it’s worth bearing in mind that estate agents believe wallpaper can slightly diminish the value of your home. This is because most buyers prefer plain walls and don’t want to go through the hassle of removing wallpaper.

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Why choose Kepha Design and Contracts

We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

At Kepha Design and Contracts in Singapore, we believe a house isn’t truly a home without a living room that is both a functional centre of activity and a mood-enhancing place to relax in comfort.

Whether you reside in a limited-space HDB (Housing & Development Board) or condominium apartment or in a larger, landed property, we can design and implement a residential renovation that will exceed your expectations, tailoring the remodel to your specific needs, while ensuring we meet your lifestyle and budget requirements.


What our client says

We are very happy to have engaged Kepha to renovate our flat. The design and finishes create a warm and cosy ambience that is more than what we expected, and our friends are impressed.

The project was well-coordinated and was generally smooth. Maria was quick to attend to some minor fixes and they were readily resolved. In addition, she displays many positive qualities. She was transparent about the costs required to complete the renovation, patient, and accommodating to design changes.

And importantly, Kepha have very good after sales service. After the renovation was completed, they still took the trouble to check in to see if everything went well with the house.

We have no hesitation to recommend Kepha to any of our friends or anyone out there.

Thank you, once again, for a job well done!


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