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Commercial and home renovation guides filled with useful tips and ideas

If you’re seeking commercial and home renovation guides that provide useful tips, ideas, and advice on how to carry out a renovation or remodelling project, this is the place for you.

Having been in the business for more than a decade, we know what the common pitfalls in renovation works, oversights of customers during the contractor selection process, and other mistakes consumers make are.

In fact, many of them can be avoided – provided you know where and how to look out for them in the first place.

Renovation articles written from a renovation contractor’s perspective

We wish to play a part – even though it may be small – to help shape our renovation industry into one that’s credible. Hence, we’ve decided to share our experiences and insights with you.

Hopefully, by reading some of our articles, you’d be able to more confidently go about your renovation projects or manage the contractor you’ve engaged.

The topics that we could cover are:

  • Home renovation tips
  • Questions to ask a contractor
  • Renovation planning guide
  • Home renovation step-by-step guide
  • DIY renovation guide
  • Home renovation price guide

… and more!

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Finally, we derive a great deal of joy from readers sharing our guides. So, when you discover something on our website that you believe could be of interest to your friends, please share it!

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