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Professional door and door frame installation and replacement services in Singapore

Door and door frame installation and replacement requires specialised skills – especially when dismantling an existing wooden door frame can cause considerable damage to the wall opening if done haphazardly. And if a new door isn’t fitted precisely, it wouldn’t close or open properly.

If wooden or aluminium doors and door frames are the only renovation requirements you have, Kepha Design & Contracts would set you up with our own door suppliers so that you may engage them directly. They are themselves manufacturers and installers based in Singapore. You’d then have access to reliable expertise and save costs.

I approached Kepha Design and Contracts wondering if they were able to remove and install just one wooden door frame for me. They never brushed me off although the job was so small!

Kepha introduced their door supplier to me. And the door supplier was the best, based on all the research I did on my own.

Really thankful to Kepha, as I had my termite-infested door frame replaced with a brand new one. My nightmare was finally over!


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Quality doors and door frames can enhance the value of your residential property

When considering a house renovation, the question of doors may not immediately spring to mind, but they can play a big part in the overall look and feel of a property. A doorway can help to create a welcoming ambience, an inviting portal that encourages you to step inside.

While it’s true you can’t judge a book by its cover, first impressions matter when it comes to the vibes your home gives off, and doors – internal and external – should match the style and design of the rooms and spaces they give access to.

Also, since your front door is the one thing people can’t fail to notice as they approach your residence, it pays to ensure the main door and door frame design and installation are done right so that they look good. This entrance door would reflect the attractive qualities of what lies behind it.

Common types of wooden doors Kepha Design & Contracts’ customers seek

Wooden doors, both interior and exterior, are frequently fitted throughout homes. And they can come in various styles.

  • Hinged/passage doors. These are one of the simplest and, therefore, cheapest form of doorway. Because of their low cost, they’re also often used with drywall partitions in commercial and industrial settings.
  • Flush/concealed doors. They’re often made to look part of the adjacent panelling or cabinetry. For these doors to look seamless when they’re installed as bedroom doors, their hinges have to be recessed or hidden from view. Further, door closers are usually installed to keep them shut at all times.
  • Sliding doors. These are suitable for passage ways where doors can hardly be swung open. Such doors slide on tracks that can double as design features. When installing a sliding door, we’ll take into consideration the space the door will occupy when it’s opened.
  • Pocket/cavity doors. They’re similar to sliding doors, except that the tracks are concealed by cabinetry or the wall. And when the doors are opened fully, they become hidden too. Hence, pocket door and door frame installations are ideal for minimalistic interiors.
  • Bi-fold and folding doors. They can be used for large openings created between two rooms so that when the doors are opened, these rooms combine to form a single large room. They can also be used when swing doors or sliding doors can’t be installed due to tight spaces.
  • Framed and panelled doors. These doors are the most commonly seen in homes. The panelling within the wooden frame can be made from various materials including glass.
  • Fire-rated doors. Fire doors and door frames are rated by time – 30 minutes to 4 hours of fire protection – and installed for two main purposes: When closed, they help retard the spread of fire; and when opened, they offer a means of escape. Other than wood or timber, these type of doors can also be made of metal or composite materials.

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Other types of door we provide

  • Glass doors. Although glass is often used as door panelling, it can be employed to striking effect as a complete door in itself. Back doors are often made of glass to provide a view of the outside world. They also commonly front offices, retail outlets, and hotels. However, glass doors can be expensive, are heavier than other types, and require good maintenance.
  • Aluminium doors. Sliding and side-hung doors constructed from lightweight aluminium are suitable for interior and – with their ability to withstand difficult environmental conditions – exterior locations. They’re considered to be economical in the long run.
  • Steel doors and door frames. Steel and other metals have been used for years as a substitute for wooden doors. They provide a strong, long-lasting, low-maintenance option for exterior and interior doors alike, especially where security is a factor.
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) doors. PVC and uPVC doors, available in different colours and designs, are extremely popular. They’re anti-corrosive, durable, lightweight, moisture-resistant, relatively easy to install, and low-cost.
  • Fibreglass doors. Fibreglass doors are lightweight, sturdy, and non-flammable. They also boast a high tensile strength, while having low maintenance costs compared with wooden and steel doors. Fibreglass doors won’t warp, bow, or twist out of shape.
  • Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) doors. FRP moulded doors are in demand in modern homes nowadays. They’re incredibly strong and available in many colours and finishes, and they can resemble natural wood.

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A specialist door contractor for wooden door or door frame installation or replacement services

Your door or door frame may need changing for a number of reasons: damage due to wet rot or exposure to the sun, termite infestation, appearance of deep cracks, and so on.

Wooden door and door frame installation requires specialised skills, and a professional door installer will take care of these things when fitting a new door or frame:

  • Getting the measurements right. If the measurements are slightly out, your door won’t fit the frame.
  • Picking the right door. An internal door used outdoors, as a balcony door or patio door for example, won’t be able to withstand weather conditions – it’ll have to be replaced sooner rather than later.
  • Using the right fixings. If the hinges and screws used are too small for the installation, they won’t be able to bear the weight of the door. This will cause the door to sag and shift, resulting in the frame and surrounding wall to crack.
  • Minding the floor. Many people fall into the trap of levelling the door by aligning it with the floor while overlooking the fact that the floor itself may be uneven.
  • Inspecting the door frame. When fitting a door to an existing frame, the structural integrity of the door frame is crucial. If a door frame replacement is needed, we’ll bring it up to you.

Further, the door installation contractor would usually make a few customer visits to:

  1. Take site measurements so as to be able to provide a price quotation.
  2. Remove the old door or door frame.
  3. Fix up and paint or varnish the new door with lock set or door frame.

There may also be a need to make good the adjoining wall or floor tiles or covering that could be damaged slightly while the door frame is being taken down.

Hence, fitting a door is a delicate process. Having to engage a door and door frame repair service to rectify a botched job is more expensive and time-consuming than getting it done properly in the first place.

Wooden door and door frame installation and replacement costs in Singapore

The pricing of wooden doors and door frames are determined by a few factors:

  • Material to be used for fabricating the products.
  • Size of the door opening.
  • Thickness of the door or door frame.

The supply and installation of a new wooden door that includes varnishing or painting could cost S$200 – S$450 per door.

A wooden door frame replacement cost is estimated to be S$650 – S$950. The fee includes dismantling and disposing the old door frame, putting the new frame in place, and reinstalling your existing door if it doesn’t need changing.

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Why engage
Kepha Design & Contracts

We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

Kepha Design & Contracts takes great pride in meeting its own exacting standards in providing a professional residential door installation service or commercial door installations and replacements.

As an experienced complete renovation services contractor, we can:

  • Help you to pick the type of door and door frame material that best suits your needs.
  • Advise whether you require fire-rated doors.
  • Ensure your door installation harmonises with the overall style of your premises.

What’s more, if you only need a new wooden or aluminium door or door frame to be fitted and no other renovation work is required, we could even ask our vendors to service you directly. By doing so, you save costs because they’re the manufacturer cum installer. Importantly, they’re people we’ve been collaborating with for years, and we trust them with our customers.

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