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Quality aluminium doors, window grilles, and cabinets supply and installation services in Singapore

Kepha Design & Contracts is an experienced aluminium doors, window grilles, gates, and cabinets supplier and contractor can bring the many advantages of this lightweight but robust metal into your home or business.

If yours is a straightforward purchase-and-install requirement, Kepha Design & Contracts could even introduce our locally-based aluminium product fabricator/supplier and installer to you so that you may engage them directly. By doing so, you’d save some costs.

Aluminium products Kepha Design & Contracts provides

Aluminium doors, window grilles, gates, and cabinets have seen a rise in popularity over the past 20 years. This is largely due to advances in manufacturing technology, thereby giving the metal significant advantages over plastic, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and wood.

Also, aluminium window grilles or door gates cost about half the price of wrought iron only.

Aluminium window grilles

Aluminium window grilleAluminium is the most popular material in Singapore for window grilles, especially for HDB (Housing & Development Board) flats. As an HDB window grille contractor, Kepha Design & Contracts, we’ll ensure your new grilles comply with HDB design requirements.

As window grilles are a crucial safety feature in high-rise households, we’ll also make sure the size of the aluminium window grille opening is appropriate so that they’re child-proof.

If you want a virtually unblocked view out of your home and a stylish, decorative touch to your premises, slim window grilles are an option.

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Aluminium door gates

Aluminium door gateMetal gates provide an extra level of security for exterior doors. That’s why Singapore’s HDB uses them to reinforce the wooden entrance doors to its blocks of flats.

Residents in private housing who don’t have this security feature can purchase an aluminium door gate from an aluminium gate supplier and contractor and have it installed. If you opt for an ornamental design, it’ll also enhance the appearance of your home.

An additional benefit of aluminium main door gates is that they allow you to keep your door open for light and ventilation without compromising the security of your home or having to worry about children or pets wandering off.

Aluminium doors

Aluminium door at patioAluminium doors are commonly used in Singapore. Here’s why:

  • Durable. Aluminium doors provided by a reputable aluminium door and door frame supplier can have a life expectancy of up to 45 years. Also, they can be customised from an extensive assortment of finishes and colours to match the surrounding decor.
  • Easy to maintain. Aluminium doors offer outstanding sound insulation and are practically maintenance-free thanks to the corrosion-resistant properties of the metal. Thus, aluminium is a popular choice of material for bathroom or toilet doors here.
  • Can withstand our hot and humid climate. Unlike wooden doors, aluminium won’t warp, split, crack, or swell, even in Singapore’s tropical climate of abundant rainfall and high levels of humidity and heat all year round.
  • Flexible in usage. The properties of aluminium make it ideal for bi-fold and sliding doors. Aluminium bi-fold doors and aluminium sliding doors have slimmer frames than timber or PVC doors. What’s more, they won’t expand with heat, leading to sticking – particularly important in Singapore’s tropical climate.
  • Relatively low cost. Aluminium swing doors can now be seen in many shops and public buildings because of their cost-effectiveness in enabling ease of access. Further, aluminium grille doors can provide a high level of security in both commercial and residential premises.

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Aluminium cabinets

Aluminium cabinets in kitchenAluminium kitchen and bathroom cabinets are robust as well as decorative, and are resilient against water penetration, rust, and insect infestation. Further, you don’t have to polish them – just a quick wipe down will keep them looking good.

Aluminium cabinets don’t have to be restricted to the bathroom or kitchen. Aluminium glass cabinets can provide a stylish showcase to display prized possessions in the home or for shops to show off their wares.

If you prefer a more adventurous look than the standard metallic design, aluminium cabinets, including aluminium mirror cabinets for the bathroom, come in a range of styles and colours.

Aluminium finishes

The aluminium products we provide for homes and businesses typically come in 3 finishes:

  1. Powder coating. This type of finish offers a huge choice of colours, with a metallic or textured finish that’s fade resistant and generally makes repairs easy.
  2. Anodised aluminium. It’s highly durable and even more resilient against fading than powder coating, and can create striking visual metallic effects, especially in bronze shades.
  3. Polished finish. It’ll give your aluminium fixture a glossy sheen that’s not only visually appealing but also easy to clean.

Aluminium window grille and door gate prices in Singapore

For a house holder, the cost of installing aluminium window grilles would depend on a few factors. They are:

  • Area to be covered by the window grilles.
  • Overall design of the window grille.
  • Gap in between the bars.
  • Thickness of the aluminium material used.
  • Finish/coating to be applied on the aluminium.
  • Colours chosen.

Generally, the price quote you receive will be higher when more aluminium needs to be used to produce your window grilles.

The supply and installation price of standard aluminium window grilles for an HDB 4- or 5-room flat starts from S$1,200.

As for aluminium door gates, their pricing would depend on the material used and the intricacy of the design. Aluminium gate price (also suited for HDB flats) starts from S$520.

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In order to provide a complete range of renovation services, Kepha Design & Contracts also supplies and installs quality aluminium fixtures, such as window grilles, doors, and door gates, for homes and businesses in Singapore.

We can also offer aluminium and glass display cabinets that will provide a striking centrepiece in any house or commercial premises.

Our team comprises experienced interior designers as well as highly-skilled technicians in various types of renovation work for residential and commercial properties. So, we can guarantee that your new aluminium furniture will be as visually appealing as they’re functional.

What’s more, if installing a new aluminium door, window grille, gate, or cabinet is all you need, we may request our trusted supplier to provide you with direct assistance. You’ll be able to achieve some savings with such an arrangement.

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