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Kepha Design & Contracts’ complete renovation services for homes and businesses in Singapore

The complete renovation services of a reliable renovation company can save you a lot of time and hassle if you’ve decided to carry out a home makeover or a remodel of commercial premises.

Partition wall

As part of our partition wall installation service, we’ll guide you on the building codes to adhere to – including fire-safety regulations.

What’s more, we’ll help you choose the type of wall that best suits your environment and needs – be it a brick wall, concrete wall, glass partition wall, or others.

False ceiling

Kepha Design & Contracts is experienced in providing both grid suspended ceiling and plaster drop ceiling installation and repair services – types that most homes or businesses would require.

Depending on your requirements on aesthetics, fire resistance, sound absorption and so on, we’ll be able to assist you in selecting the right false ceiling system to set up.


Carpet, vinyl, laminate, wood, ceramic/porcelain, and natural stone, such as granite or marble, are the most common materials chosen for flooring in Singapore.

We’ll provide you products that are high-grade, yet cost-effective so that you’ll get excellent value for your money.

Before laying the floor covering, we’ll make the necessary preparations like installing floor screeding and/or a sub-floor.

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The advantage a wallcovering has over painting is that it provides a textural dimension to the interiors of a house or commercial premises. That said, it’s costlier as well.

In order to help our customers save costs, we exercise care in measurement-taking and save scraps for future repairs.

Also, we’ll ensure the bare walls are properly prepared before installing the wallcovering.

Custom furniture

Custom made furniture can dramatically change the look of a room, while enhancing the way you use the space.

Our skilled designers will help you to visualise how the form, style, and colour of custom furniture will blend into your home or place of business. The materials we use to construct your pieces will be high-quality so that they’ll last for years to come.


Countertops can be made of natural stones, like granite, marble, and travertine, engineered quartz, solid surface, laminate, stainless steel, or wood.

Although Kepha Design & Contracts is neither a manufacturer nor an importer of these products, we know who the quality countertop suppliers and fabricators are, having been established in the industry for more than 20 years.


If wooden or aluminium door and door frame installation or replacement are your only requirement, we’d request our vendors to engage you directly.

As they’re manufacturers and installers themselves, you’ll obtain expert advice and save costs.

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Aluminium fixture

Aluminium fixtures and furniture, such as doors, window grilles, gates, shower screens, and cabinets are widely used in Singapore. This is because this metal is lightweight yet strong, and it’s resistant to corrosion and heat.

If you simply need new aluminium window grilles, a gate, or a cabinet fitted, we could introduce our supplier to you so that you may save cost.


The colour of your walls plays an important role in setting the mood for your day-to-day home life.

We’ll be able to advise you on what type of paint is best suited to your room, e.g. matt, eggshell, silk, satin, or washable.

Further, we’d ensure your floor and furniture are covered properly before the painting service commences – so as to keep them safe from damage.


An effective combination of ambient, task, and accent light installation, strategically positioned, can create the right balance between practicality and elegance in the home or office.

Besides incorporating appropriate lighting design into your interior décor, we’ll also help you choose suitable fittings, which may include pendants, track lighting, and wall sconces.

Space planning

Being an HDB registered renovation contractor, the designers of Kepha Design & Contracts are used to working with small spaces.

Even though the efficiency of space utilisation is a key consideration, the design of your interiors won’t look cluttered.

Reinstatement works

Our reinstatement works encompass more than dismantling and disposal services. If fixtures and fittings, like partition walls, flooring, ceiling, and lighting, had been removed during renovation, they now have to be restored.

Since many reinstatement projects are last-minute, we’ll be able to complete the service within a short time – so that you may fulfil your contractual obligation and turn the property over to the landlord incident-free.

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The expertise and practical skills of Kepha Design & Contracts in providing complete renovation services, both residential and commercial, is a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Our talented, dynamic team is highly accomplished across the whole range of renovation and remodelling, and will ensure our work fulfils any and all statutory regulations.

Kepha Design & Contracts understands how important your renovation project is to you – we’ll steer you through the process to help save you time and hassle, and avoid the potential for costly mistakes.

We’ll always set a competitive price for our whole range of services. Even so, our clients are covered by a renovation warranty of 1 year for residential properties and 6 months for business premises.

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