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Professional complete renovation services contractor that will help you avoid DIY disasters

An experienced contractor company capable of undertaking complete renovation services can save you a lot of time and hassle if you’ve decided to carry out a home makeover or a remodel of commercial premises.

Many different jobs – and skills – are involved in renovation work, so much so that even a gifted DIY enthusiast can be left struggling.

Even so, if you’re looking to minimise the costs of a renovation, it’s tempting to consider the do-it-yourself approach, although it can result in costly mistakes and mishaps that will require the services of a professional to rectify.

Many people undertake DIY jobs under the impression this work will increase the value of their home, but this can be a misconception; if not completed with a quality finish, even the most basic renovation work can actually decrease the amount of money you could get for your home.

In the UK, The Guardian newspaper reported in 2002 on a survey by the Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, in which 50% of respondents admitted to botching do-it-yourself tasks. Some had punctured water and sewerage pipes, causing flooding, while others had drilled into gas mains.

The newspaper also quoted government figures showing that 99,000 people in the UK need hospital treatment every year for DIY-related injuries.

The majority of Singapore’s population live in HDB (Housing & Development Board) and condominium apartments, for whom making the most of their living space is a priority. If you’re one of these home-owners, you may think that some elements of a home facelift are simple tasks, including painting and decorating. However, even apparently straightforward jobs around the home can easily go wrong in the hands of an amateur.

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Painting and decorating

Firstly, let’s take a look at painting. Surely, anyone can slap on a quick lick of paint, can’t they?

Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye, especially if you want the sort of professional finish that will be attractive to potential buyers should you decide to put your dwelling on the market.

Even if you’re not considering selling up, the colour of your walls play an important role in setting the mood for your day-to-day home life.

A common mistake in DIY painting, as in many household makeover tasks, is inadequate preparation. Rushing in and dashing on the emulsion without thoroughly cleaning the wall (preferably with sugar soap) will result in a shoddy finish that may even necessitate doing the whole job again.

All this bother can be avoided by engaging an expert, who will also be able to advise you on what type of paint is best suited to your room (matt, eggshell, silk, satin, washable?).

Painting a ceiling is much more difficult than painting a wall, and amateurs often get it wrong, simply because it’s a chore they don’t do frequently, like a professional.

Even more serious is the risk of accidents when balancing on top of a rickety stepladder, a tin of paint in one hand, brush or roller in the other.

If you prefer a wallcovering instead of paint, this decorating job also comes with its own set of potential problems.

It can be hard to match up strips of patterned wallpaper, particularly when going around corners (which may well not be right-angles), and even plain paper can pose difficulties with bubbling and poor adhesion. Trimming wallpaper that’s just been soaked with paste is also trickier that you might think.

Floors, doors, and furniture


With flooring, one type may be relatively easy to install but difficult to keep clean; another might be durable and fairly simple to fit, but more expensive.

Flooring comes in many varieties, including carpeting, ceramic, and porcelain tiling, hardwood, floating wood tile, engineered wood, bamboo, laminated, cork, stone, and vinyl.

Laminate flooring is a popular choice because of its affordability and durability, plus it’s not that difficult to lay down if you’re practically minded. Carpet tiles could be ideal for small spaces such as hallways, and are also often used in offices.

Whatever type of floor covering you choose, make sure the surface on which it’s to be laid is thoroughly cleaned and smoothed down. It should be mentioned that many people avoid using carpeting in the bathroom on hygiene grounds.


A door commonly seen in homes is the wooden, panelled variety, which is practical as well as pleasing to the eye.

Besides timber, glass panelling can be used to let natural light in and, in the case of exterior doors, provide a view of the outside world, although privacy needs to be considered. Other types of doors include bamboo/jute, aluminium, PVC, and fibreglass.

For advice on choosing and fitting the best doors for your home or business premises, speak to a specialist contractor.

Custom furniture

Custom furniture – fittings made to your specifications – can really turn a house into a home, dramatically changing the look of a room to reflect your personality and lifestyle, while enhancing the way you use the space. It’s more expensive than “off-the-shelf” furniture, so can represent a significant investment.

A layperson may find it difficult to visualise how the form, style, and colour of custom furniture will blend into their home, so it’s advisable to get guidance from a specialist in interior design, who can help you achieve spectacular results.

Partition walls and electrics

Partition walls

A partition wall can improve the function and layout of a space, both in the home and in offices. Partitions create an attractive, modern, environment, while providing privacy and adding structure.

Compared with permanent walls, partitioning is extremely cost-effective and practical.

Installing a partition wall requires tools and skills that a DIY aspirant may not have; a company that handles complete renovation services can provide sound advice on the installation of partition walls.

Electrical works

For safety reasons, electrical and lighting work is best left to the professionals, apart from simple tasks like changing a bulb.

An effective combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting, strategically positioned, can create the right balance between practicality and elegance in the home or office. When it comes to lighting fixture installation, there’re many fittings to choose from, including pendant, track lighting, and sconces.

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The expertise and practical skills of Kepha Design and Contracts in providing complete renovation services in Singapore, both residential and commercial, is a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Our talented, dynamic team is highly accomplished across the whole range of renovation and remodelling, and will ensure our work fulfils any and all statutory regulations.

Kepha specialises in full house renovation services of HDB flats, condominiums, bungalows, and other private residences in Singapore, comprising kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom; as well as redesign and remodelling of business premises, including reinstatement works.

Whether residential or commercial, we understand how important your renovation project is to you, and we’ll steer you through the process to help save you time and hassle, and avoid the potential for costly mistakes.

We take pride in our work, and always set a competitive price for our whole range of renovation and remodelling services.

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