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Expert home bathroom and toilet renovation contractor that will keep you safe

As an experienced home bathroom and toilet renovation contractor, we can take you step by step through the tricky process of designing and creating your perfect bathroom, while eliminating all the hazards associated with the most dangerous room in your house.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home and a hub of activities, the bathroom is the only place where you can happily lock yourself away without the rest of your family thinking you’ve gone bonkers. A bathroom renovation should enhance this sanctuary as a relaxing, functional space.

The bathroom long ago ceased to be merely an unassuming place to get yourself cleaned up. Today, a bathroom provides a haven away from the hustle and bustle of general home life; a refuge where you can firmly shut the door on everyday stresses and take time out to luxuriate as you recharge your batteries.

Since there could be much going on in the bathroom in a relatively small area, style and function are key components for a home bathroom makeover – similar to a whole house renovation. That said, the main priority has to be safety. The bathroom can be a dangerous place unless you engage a professional bathroom renovation contractor.

Safety in your bathroom and toilet is our concern

In 2011, The New York Times reported that 235,000 people aged over 15 ended up in emergency rooms every year due to injuries sustained in the bathroom, with 14% of these casualties suffering injuries requiring a stay in the hospital.

We will, within our means, ensure your renovated bathroom won’t pose any risk to the health and safety of you and your family. The potential dangers we’ll help you keep a lookout for and avoid include:

  • Electrocution from badly-installed electrical outlets;
  • Toxic mould arising from poor ventilation;
  • Inadequate drainage that makes wet-area floors super-slippery;
  • Structural weakening of your home (resulting from poorly planned and executed building work) that can lead to the collapse of fixtures and fittings; and
  • Bathroom safety for the elderly.

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We’ll make effective use of light and space in your bathroom

Cater for adequate bathroom lighting

Lighting is an important factor in safety in the bathroom, particularly if you like to use a wet-shave razor. When a man takes a blade to his face or a woman shaves her legs, it’s a good idea if you can actually see what you’re doing!

Well-designed task lighting makes waxing, applying make-up, and hairstyling easier. We may also suggest customers to install a large mirror above the basin or vanity with lighting that directs back onto the face.

The best bathroom design will create a well-lit space incorporating task, accent, ambient, and decorative lighting.

Unclutter your bathroom space

Once you’ve achieved your safety-first, well-lit bathroom goals (on paper at least!), you need to think about the best way to use the space available. A common, if forgivable, mistake is overcrowding the bathroom by trying to squeeze too much into it.

So, we’d recommend that you make your bathroom more comfortable by avoiding clutter to maximise space – especially for small bathroom remodelling. For example, a shower above the bath, instead of a separate shower cubicle, is a great space-saver, as are wall-mounted cabinets.

Sometimes, simply switching the side the bathroom door swings from can improve the use of space. You can create even more room by fitting a sliding door – concealed in a wall cavity – rather than the conventional hinged version. This will also give your bathroom a clean, sharp appearance.

Advise on bathroom design

The chic look can be further heightened by resisting the urge to incorporate too many design elements into your bathroom. By its nature, a bathroom will tend to be a place of chaos; the design shouldn’t mirror this, so go for a focal point (maybe a free-standing tub, if you have the space) and design the room around that.

Talking about the focal point, don’t make the toilet the first thing you see on opening the bathroom door. If you’re hoping for a spa-like ambience, a toilet renovation that puts the lavatory front and centre in your bathroom can kill the mood. So, what’s the ideal focal point? Anything but the toilet.

Prevent condensation problems

A major problem with bathrooms is condensation, which is caused by the release of moisture into the air when, for instance, you take a shower or have a bath. This water vapour will eventually land on a cold surface and produce mould, even to the extent of toxic fungi.

Even if your bathroom has openable windows, condensation can never be completely eliminated, but we minimise the problem by installing an effective extractor fan, which vents to the outside, to get rid of steam.

Using special anti-mould bathroom paint on the walls and ceiling will further reduce the risk of mildew taking hold. And, of course, proper bathroom waterproofing will be required.

5 tips for a better bathroom from expert home bathroom, shower, and toilet renovation and remodelling contractor

  1. Understand standard bathroom dimensions (such as the size of a typical bathtub and how much space a toilet requires) or keep the configuration of the bathroom. This will save time and extra costs on plumbing work.
  2. Ensure the wash basin is a suitable height for all the family. It’s difficult enough to encourage kids to brush their teeth regularly without giving them the excuse that they can’t reach the sink properly!
  3. Choose the right bathroom sink and vanity. If you go too big, you could obstruct the bathroom’s traffic flow. Too small, and you’ll lose out on storage space.
  4. Add a touch of class. Splashing out on one or two designer bathroom accessories will give your bathroom a deluxe finish – a sound investment should you decide to sell your home.
  5. Less is more. An orderly, immaculate-looking design will make your bathroom appear airy and welcoming. So keep it simple, with a white or neutral colour scheme, which can always be embellished with vibrant accessories and colourful bath towels.

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Why choose Kepha Design and Contracts

We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

Kepha Design and Contracts in Singapore is an experienced residential renovation contractor, backed by its own team of expert interior designers.

While giving top priority to the health and safety of you and your family, we’ll ensure you get the functional, stylish bathroom you’ve always longed for – at an affordable price – so you can take time out to relax in your safe and secure sanctuary at the end of a long, hard day.

We never sacrifice quality of work in the interests of a quick finish but we’ll keep inconvenience to a minimum, so your bathroom will be out of action for the least possible length of time.


What our client says

I have been a loyal customer of Kepha since 1997 when I bought my first flat and reached out to them for renovation works. I was happy with the experience of not having to deal with difficult workers or arguing over cost and stressing over the timely completion of renovation works.

Since then, I had gone on to move home 3 more times and without fail, I thought of Kepha to help me out. In contrast with friends who had bad experiences with their contractors, mine were pleasant all these past years.


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