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Quality granite, marble, and quartz countertop installation and replacement services in Singapore

A skilled granite, marble, and quartz countertop installations or replacements can inject new life into your home or commercial premises with stylish long-lasting surfaces that look amazing while maintaining a high degree of practicality.

Countertops in Singapore commonly come in the form of stainless steel, Formica, laminate, tiles, glass, and natural stone such as granite and marble, and engineered stone like manufactured quartz.

Our stone counters and countertops

When it comes to functionality and appearance, granite, marble, and quartz offer outstanding value for your money.

No two marble or granite countertops are alike, because of the way these stones were formed by the forces of nature over centuries. And these differences bring a uniqueness to a home or business setting.

On the other hand, the manufacturing process of engineered quartz produces counters that are tougher than natural stone and easier to take care of.

Granite counters and countertops

The timeless elegance of granite countertops, coupled with their ability to withstand everyday wear and tear, makes them an enduring choice for busy homes and businesses looking to create a stunning visual impact.

For instance, the sophistication and uniqueness of a piece of custom furniture with a granite top in a business’s reception area will never fail to impress customers and clients.

In the home, granite countertops give kitchens and bathrooms an aesthetically-pleasing individualism that can increase the value of the property. Further, the unique patterns of each piece of granite will enhance the overall design style of any space.

The different crystal composition of pieces of granite provides a wide, organic spectrum of colours, including blue, red, and green.

In the hands of our experienced countertop fabricator, your granite counter can be customised to your style preferences. For example, polished finish is popular for kitchen worktops, and edging profiles can be bevelled, mitred, or squared.

Although lacking the robustness of quartz, granite is still very tough, and with proper sealing and a polished finish, is fairly easy to keep clean.

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Marble counters and countertops

As with granite counters, marble countertops can also raise the market value of your premises.

The subtlety and elegance of marble – revered by the ancient Greeks and Romans – will add a touch of sophistication to any home or business, with a lavish luminosity that puts man-made products in the shade.

Like a fine wine, the appearance of marble improves with age, and its substantial graining and veining can make kitchen and bathroom countertops striking focal points.

Marble countertops are a firm favourite in kitchens and bathrooms because, although the stone is porous, it’ll resist water penetration.

Even though white marble countertops remain a popular option, many other shades are available, such as brown, cream, and green. Typical finishes include leathered, honed, and polished, while popular profile edges include mired and bevelled.

Looking after your marble countertops needs a little more TLC than that required by granite or quartz. Because marble is softer, it can be prone to scratching and stains. However, with correct maintenance and sealing, a marble surface can give you many decades of high-level functionality while looking as good as the day it’s installed.

Quartz counters and countertops

Countertops made from engineered quartz are the ideal easy-care option.

Quartz is as tough as granite, with the added benefit that its low porosity makes it resistant to scratches, stains, and water absorption, so there’s no need for sealing.

Engineered quartz counters are often found in kitchens of homes and businesses because of their hygienic properties in being resilient against infiltration by bacteria.

Composite quartz lacks the unique appearance of the veining and patterning of natural stones like granite and marble, which makes it a popular choice for people seeking a more consistent look.

While quartz may be unable to provide the classic splendour of natural stone, it offers a much greater assortment of colours to choose from. It broadens your interior design options if you’re looking to make a bold style statement. The quartz colour spectrum includes hues of red, orange, and blue, as well as the more traditional black, white, and cream.

Quartz counters also come in a range of finishes, such as honed and polished, and edging profiles including bevelled and square.

Quartz countertops can’t cope with heat as efficiently as some natural stones, so you should avoid placing hot kitchenware like pots and pans directly onto the surface.

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Aftercare for granite, marble, and quartz countertop installation and replacement

As we’ve already seen, granite, marble, and quartz countertops can all bring their own benefits into your home or business.

No synthetic material can rival the ageless splendour, character, and sheer grandeur of natural stones like granite and marble, but quartz wins out in the maintenance stakes, making cleaning and care a breeze. However, looking after granite and marble isn’t difficult if you ensure the natural stone is sealed and resealed as necessary.

Whether you’re having new fittings or replacing old ones, a regular routine of cleaning will go a long way in ensuring your granite, marble, or quartz countertops remain looking pristine for many years. Use warm water, a mild detergent, and a soft cloth (scouring powders or scouring pads may scratch the surface) and rinse thoroughly to avoid streaks.

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