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Kepha Design & Contracts – the HDB renovation contractor in Singapore you can trust

A reliable HDB registered renovation contractor is a must if you’re planning to remodel your HDB home or revamp your business premises.

Stories abound about home renovations that have gone horribly wrong – unfinished projects, leaky plumbing, blocked drains, sewage overflow, and more.

You may find a residential or commercial remodelling service that promises the Earth – cheapest estimate, fastest workers, attractive freebies, etc. – but if they turn out to be less than 100% trustworthy, you’ll regret the day you fell for their sales patter.

Kepha Design & Contracts has genuine customer testimonials to show you we can be trusted.

I am delighted with the end result of my renovations done by Kepha Design and Contracts as it was totally what I envisaged!

I had a tight deadline to meet so Kepha’s constant communication definitely ensured this. The workmanship is of high quality and the crew was a joy to work with as they pointed out some issues that I had not thought of initially.

Very happy indeed!


Telok Blangah Crescent

Experienced, dependable HDB registered renovation contractor that delivers quality

What’s more, Kepha Design & Contracts is an HDB registered renovation contractor.

And only an interior renovation contractor approved by HDB (Housing & Development Board) is allowed to work on HDB flats in Singapore, which house 80% of our country’s population.

The main aim of the Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme is to safeguard the structural integrity of public housing buildings while ensuring work is carried out safely, without inconvenience to neighbours.

HDB licensed contractors are required, as part of the qualification process, to obtain a Renovation for Public Housing certificate to demonstrate their professionalism. Also, it’s necessary to provide evidence of an unblemished track record.

Renovation of HDB commercial units

Commercial units in HDB estates include:

  • Shops with or without living quarters
  • Offices
  • Eating houses
  • Minimarts and supermarkets
  • Civil defence shelters

Similar to HDB houses, tenants of such properties for business have to follow stringent HDB renovation guidelines.

Only HDB approved contractors are authorised to carry out addition and alteration works on these premises. Further, they’re the only ones permitted to apply for Notice of Alteration with HDB before works, like the hacking of partition walls, can proceed.

Although our government may be playing it safe legally by distancing itself from any disputes between renovation companies and their customers, the HDB Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme still provides evidence that contractors who have been accredited are, in general, proficient, reliable, and conscientious.

Seeking a renovation contractor you can trust?
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Engage HDB renovation contractor – Kepha Design & Contracts – for your private property

Applicants of the Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme must provide evidence of 5 successfully-completed renovations of private property, with a total sum of at least $50,000.

This clause not only ensures HDB dwellers work with an experienced, reliable contractor, it also provides an important reference point for people looking to hire a renovation company for non-public housing apartments, bungalows, condominiums and landed residences, and commercial remodelling.

In other words, if you’re considering a renovation project, HDB or private, you know that Kepha Design & Contracts has not only met the rigorous requirements of the Singapore government, but also demonstrated its expertise in the non-public sector.

Kepha Design & Contracts’ commercial and home renovation services and process

While interior renovations may vary in terms of size and scale, the reality, however, is that the same basic principles underpin each of these redesign processes. Both types of renovation process demand a structured approach by professionals in the design and execution of the remodelling process.

This is the system we adhere to.

1. Initial conversation

We view this as a necessity. Based on our experience, when both our customer and our team work on the same wavelength right from the start, the probability of the success of the project is certain.

Communication is a two-way channel – we’ll not only provide professional input, we’ll also listen to your renovation process aspirations, expectations, and concerns.

2. Site evaluation

We’ll visit your premises to assess their current conditions and take time to understand your requirements and the goals you want to achieve.

3. Space planning and interior design

With your input, we’ll create a layout that will make the best use of your available space – taking into consideration factors like measurements, comfort, function, ergonomics, and flow.

We’ll also create visuals in the form of perspective or 3D drawings. Our designs entail a coherent combination of style and functionality.

4. Cost estimation and presentation

We’ll present you the floor and furniture plans and perspective drawings so that you may get a sense of how your premises would look after refitting.

And we’ll discuss about the scope of the project, timeline, and fees.

5. Project management

When you’ve decided to engage Kepha Design & Contracts as your renovation contractor, a project manager will be assigned to you as a point of communication between you and the crew of craftspeople to be assembled.

Understanding that budget is limited, we’ll ensure your project will be completed on time and within stipulated allocation. We assure you there’ll be no hidden cost, and we’ll never cut corners.

6. Permit application and material procurement

We’ll apply for the relevant permits and secure official approvals as necessary for your project.

Materials will be procured – we’ll use the best-quality materials available within your budget.

During this stage, fabrication of custom items, such as furniture and cabinets and doors and door frames and aluminium window grilles, gates, and cabinets, will also get underway.

7. Renovation and installation

After taking delivery of materials and fabricated furnishings, we’ll commence renovation works, ensuring minimum inconvenience and disruption if you’re remaining or working on the premises.

Great workmanship from us is a given.

8. Hand-over and quality assurance

When the remodelling works come to an end, we’ll clear out all debris and carry out general cleaning.

You and the project manager will then inspect the site together, giving you the chance to request any finishing touches.

Once the touch-up process is completed and you’re satisfied with the work, the renovation warranty would be activated.

Alteration and addition

We’ll work with qualified architects and engineers to make sure your property remains in sound condition throughout the project. Disruptions to the surroundings will be kept to a minimum.

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The reliable renovation company that will help you avoid costly mistakes

LocalHelpFinder, the online contractor referral service, says: “It is generally cheaper to hire a professional from the beginning than to hire someone to come in and clean up the mess after you have already started.”

Writing for USA home improvement magazine This Old House, general contractor Tom Silva states: “Throw out the lowball bid. This contractor is probably cutting corners or, worse, desperate for work.”

Silva adds: “The single most important factor in choosing a contractor is how well you and he communicate. All things being equal, it’s better to spend more and get someone you’re comfortable with.”

Kepha Design & Contracts will steer you away from these 5 major renovation mistakes novices tend to make:

  1. Missing the bigger picture in a residential renovation. An experienced reno contractor can give you a clear idea from the outset how the different parts of your project can be pieced together to produce a stylish, integrated result that will be the envy of all visitors to your home.
  2. Poor planning and preparation. Ignoring potential issues can lead to cutting corners, resulting in compromises that could leave you with a living space or workplace looking worse than it did before. Skimping on preparation work can be particularly disastrous with commercial renovation.
  3. Relying on rough sketches. The outcome of failing to prepare proper design drawings and floor plans/layouts will be an inferior finish, particularly in the kitchen.
  4. Ending up with cluttered, uncomfortable spaces. This is particularly an issue with home kitchen renovation and bathroom and toilet remodelling.
  5. Having an unrealistic budget. Home and business remodelling specialists will take into account your financial situation to help you focus on what’s really important to you in the makeover.

Additionally, we have the experience in handling unexpected issues, especially those related to electrical and plumbing, with the minimum drama and cost.

Renovation warranty for home and commercial remodelling that will give you peace of mind

Customers will reap tremendous benefits by engaging a contractor that provides renovation warranty:

  • A contractor providing a renovation warranty will strive to get things right first time.
  • It guarantees your contractor will engage only sub-contractors of the highest calibre, helping to ensure your remodel is brought in on time and within budget.
  • A warranty protects you against faults that aren’t immediately apparent but surface over time, such as pipes that gradually leak because of plumbing mistakes or false ceiling that at some stage starts to sag.
  • You won’t have to fork out for any materials or labour involved in putting things right if the problems were caused by inferior workmanship.

Above all, a renovation warranty reflects a contractor’s commitment to you.

The renovation warranty of Kepha Design & Contracts provides customers a protection of 1 year for residential properties and 6 months for business premises.

Our warranty includes:

  • Fixing problems caused by defects in materials and poor workmanship.
  • Repair or replacement of faulty products or parts, at our own expense.

Note: Only problems arising from normal use are covered in a typical warranty; misuse or negligence invalidates the agreement. The full terms and conditions associated with the renovation warranty will be explained by our consultants.

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Why engage
Kepha Design & Contracts

We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

Kepha Design & Contracts guarantees functionality, quality, and durability in our work – through our renovation warranty. Further, we carry out all renovations to meet the requirements of social, economic, and ecological design.

And we don’t only build – we’re just as capable in providing reinstatement works.

As an HDB licenced contractor, we know how to make the best use of limited space to improve the quality of life of the householder and to help businesses expand.

We’ve established ourselves as a trustworthy, conscientious company with professional standards of the highest level – and our returning customers are a testament to it.

Kepha Design & Contracts doesn’t just aim to meet your expectations – we make sure we exceed them, with an unbeatable value-for-money service that leaves our clients delighted. This is also the reason why we’ve produced guides to help those who wish to learn more.

My father had been in the construction and renovation business since the 80s, and my brother and I continued his legacy more than 10 years ago. He taught us one very important lesson, and it’s been our guiding principle through the years. He said: “If you want to succeed in this business, put your heart into every single project, and treat the property you’re working on as if it’s your own. And remember, trust and relationship come before everything else.”

Maria Koh

Co-owner, Kepha Design and Contracts

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