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A specialist renovation company is a must if you’re planning to remodel your home or revamp your business premises. Numerous pitfalls await those tempted to handle such projects themselves or who end up with an unreliable builder.

On the home front, whether you’re among the 80% of Singapore’s population who reside in HDB (Housing & Development Board) flats or the 14% who dwell in condominiums, it’s crucial to make the most of your living space, and that’s a job best left to the experts.

A quality makeover of your home, coupled with skilful interior design, by a reputable renovation company can increase the value of your property.

Putting emphasis on your kitchen and bathroom reaps rewards

The importance of the kitchen and bathroom should never be overlooked in a home renovation, particularly if you’re thinking about putting your dwelling on the market at some stage. These rooms will be the focus of attention when potential buyers come calling, and as an expert renovation contractor, we can give them that wow factor.

Writing for Australia’s Property Observer in June 2013, real estate guru Andrew Winter, presenter of the UK TV series Selling Houses and its Australian counterpart, Selling Houses Australia, advised: “Quality kitchens and bathrooms will always add value to your home. Make sure you put your hard-earned cash where it shows.”

Even if you’re not planning to sell your home, upgrading your bathroom and kitchen will enhance the quality of your lifestyle, reflecting your personality and the way you choose to live.

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The reliable renovation contractor that will help you avoid costly mistakes

Stories abound about home renovations that have gone horribly wrong – unfinished projects, leaky plumbing, blocked drains, sewage overflow, and more.

The Sunday Times in Singapore reported on 21 August 2016 that a couple paid a contractor $63,000 to renovate their new condominium apartment in Telok Kurau and was supposed to move into it in April 2016. However, after 4 months they’re still living in a rented house and had to fork out an additional $50,000 to pay a new contractor to complete the renovation project because the original one abandoned it midway.

A professional renovation company in Singapore will be experienced in handling unexpected issues, especially those related to electrical and plumbing, with the minimum drama and cost.

LocalHelpFinder, the online contractor referral service, says: “It is generally cheaper to hire a professional from the beginning than to hire someone to come in and clean up the mess after you have already started.”

5 major renovation mistakes that we’ll steer you away from

  1. Missing the bigger picture in a residential renovation. An experienced reno contractor can give you a clear idea from the outset how the different parts of your project can be pieced together to produce a stylish, integrated result that will be the envy of all visitors to your home.
  2. Poor planning and preparation. Ignoring potential issues can lead to cutting corners, resulting in compromises that could leave you with a home looking worse than it did before. Skimping on preparation work can be particularly disastrous with a commercial renovation.
  3. Relying on rough sketches. The outcome of failing to prepare proper design drawings and floor plans/layouts will be an inferior finish, particularly in the kitchen.
  4. Ending up with cluttered, uncomfortable spaces. This is particularly an issue with home kitchen and bathroom and toilet renovation, and is best left in the hands of experienced professionals.
  5. Having an unrealistic budget. Home and business remodelling specialists will take into account your financial situation to help you focus on what’s really important to you in the makeover.

Finding a good, affordable renovation contractor

You should take time and care in finding the right professionals for renovation projects. As with many aspects of business, there’re rogue elements within the home renovation trade, and they need to be avoided at all cost.

Writing for USA home improvement magazine This Old House, general contractor Tom Silva states: “Throw out the lowball bid. This contractor is probably cutting corners or, worse, desperate for work.”

Silva adds: “The single most important factor in choosing a contractor is how well you and he communicate. All things being equal, it’s better to spend more and get someone you’re comfortable with.”

How to size up quality renovation services

The good news is that unscrupulous traders in the renovation industry appear to be on the decline. In January 2017, The Straits Times, quoting the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), reported that there’re 234 filed and assisted complaints about renovation and remodelling services in 2016 – a drop from 262 the year before.

However, Elson Tan, director of a CaseTrust-accredited renovation company, warned there’re still some “black sheep” out to cheat clients. He continued: “To prevent this, I advise consumers not to choose a company by its price and freebies. Instead, they should look into the company’s reputation and be assured of its reliability before hiring it.”

For a successful renovation that stays on schedule and on budget, it’s imperative to bring in the right contractor for you and your project, right from the design stage, to minimise stress and unexpected costs.

The USA-based Houzz online home improvement platform encourages householders to get referrals about potential renovation contractors before making a final choice. Writing for Houzz in August 2013, architect Dylan Chappell advises: “Talk with people you trust. Your architect is an obvious source, but talk with friends, family, neighbours, real estate agents, lawyers, and others who have built projects similar to yours.”

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Why choose Kepha Design and Contracts

We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

Kepha Design and Contracts in Singapore is adept at carrying out unified renovation schemes based on its commitment to focusing on customers’ needs and its expertise in aesthetic design principles, including balance, proportion, and emphasis.

We guarantee functionality, quality, and durability in our work. We’ll carry out your renovation to meet the requirements of social, economic, and ecological design.

As a professional interior designer and HDB registered renovation contractor, we know how to make the best use of limited space to improve the quality of life of the householder and to help businesses expand.

To ensure the quality of our project delivery is consistent and remains high throughout our engagement with our clients, we adhere to a standard process of:

  1. Initial conversation
  2. Presentation and estimation of cost
  3. Permit application
  4. Installation
  5. Handover and quality assurance

Read about our commercial and home renovation process.

We don’t aim to meet your expectations; we make sure we exceed them, with an unbeatable value-for-money service that leaves our clients delighted.

My father had been in the construction and renovation business since the 80s, and my brother and I continued his legacy more than 10 years ago. He taught us one very important lesson, and it’s been our guiding principle through the years. He said: “If you want to succeed in this business, put your heart into every single project, and treat the property you’re working on as if it’s your own. And remember, trust and relationship come before everything else.”

Maria Koh

Co-owner, Kepha Design and Contracts

What we can do for you

Site evaluation

We’ll visit your premises to assess their current conditions and take time to understand your requirements and the goals you want to achieve.

Space planning

With your input, we’ll create a layout that makes the best use of your available space – taking into consideration factors like measurements, comfort, function, ergonomics, and flow.

Interior design

We’ll develop a coherent combination of style and functionality. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the happiness of people living and working in that environment.

Project management

Understanding that budget is limited, we’ll ensure your project is completed on time and within stipulated allocation. We assure you there’ll be no hidden cost, and we’ll never cut corners.

Renovation & remodelling

The renovation services we carry out will adhere to plan – yet we’ll continue to explore ways to improve. We’ll use the best-quality materials available within your budget. Great workmanship from us is a given.

Alteration & addition

We’ll work with qualified architects and engineers to make sure your property remain in sound condition throughout the project. Disruptions to the surroundings will be kept to a minimum.


What our client says

I am delighted with the end result of my renovations done by Kepha as it is totally what I envisage! I have a tight deadline to meet so Kepha’s constant communication definitely ensured this. The workmanship is of high quality and the crew was a joy to work with as they pointed out some issues that I did not thought of initially. Very happy indeed!


Telok Blangah Crescent

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