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Professional partition wall installation services for your house or office in Singapore

Kepha Design & Contracts’ partition wall installation services will enhance your home or business premises by dividing up the available space to create extra rooms. It’ll provide a more functional environment while generating a greater feel of available personalised space.

Partition walls are primarily installed in homes and offices for reasons of privacy and to reduce noise levels. They’re usually non-load-bearing walls with a thin cross-section that takes up little flooring space.

Dividing walls are extremely practical and cost-effective when compared with more permanent types of wall. They can be installed relatively quickly and typically incorporate robust design features that ensure they last for years.

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Kepha Design & Contracts – the experienced drywall partition contractor

An aspect of wall renovation that needs to be addressed is whether you need a government permit for your new wall. Guidelines by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore suggests that lightweight, non-load-bearing, easily-removable partition walls are OK.

The drywall (also commonly called gypsum board or plasterboard) partition system consists of galvanised steel frames lined with gypsum, fibre cement, and calcium silicate boards on both sides.

These fake wall partitions are lightweight and versatile in creating interior spaces. Thus, they’re widely used in residential, commercial, industry, and warehouse buildings as interior partition walls.

The typical questions we’d ask our customers before recommending them the type of partition to erect are:

  • Do you need visibility between rooms?
  • Do you want a layout that’s easily changed or a more permanent fixture?
  • Do you need sound insulation?
  • Do you want to let in natural light?
  • Do your walls need to comply with fire-safety regulations?
  • Do you want to be able to hang heavy items on your new partition wall?

If customers require sound-proof, thermal, or fire-resistant properties for their walls, we’d be able to recommend the right non-combustible insulation materials to fill the cavity of their gypsum partition system.

Drywall partition installation in the office

By working hand-in-hand with your space planner, the office partition contractor will be able to help create an office layout that optimises the utilisation of available space. As such, smooth work flow would ensue.

Also, appropriate space segmentation would improve the way department managers supervise their team members and enhance communication amongst them.

Since gypsum partitions are easy to dismantle and rebuild, the office layout can be reconfigured any time based on the changing needs of the business – at a relatively low cost.

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Gypsum partition installation in homes

On the home front, constructing a bedroom partition wall to create an extra living quarter is far easier and cheaper than moving house.

If you later decide to relocate, your plasterboard partition walls may be just what a potential buyer is looking for. If not, they can be easily and quickly removed. It’s a win-win situation for the seller.

Other common types of partition wall Kepha Design & Contracts provides

There’re several different kinds of partition wall – varying in aesthetic appearance, strength, and durability. We’ll help you to choose the best partition wall to suit your home or office needs.

Brick wall

Installation of a brick interior wall is one of the most common and affordable ways of creating separate rooms. These dividing walls come in 3 main forms:

  1. Regular (or plain) brick partition
  2. Brick nogging wall
  3. Reinforced brick partition

Concrete wall

  • Basic concrete dividing wall or a reinforced concrete wall
  • Solid pre-cast concrete wall
  • Hollow concrete dividing wall

Like brick partitions, concrete dividing walls are also known for their robustness.

Hollow blocks

Hollow blocks – shaped from clay, terracotta, or concrete – are frequently used as partition walls in HDB (Housing & Development Board) flat. They’re strong, affordable, light yet rigid and fire-resistant. They also have effective sound-insulating properties.

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Glass partition wall

A glass partition wall for home or for office can be constructed with either glass sheets or hollow glass blocks.

A glass sheet partition wall usually has a wooden or aluminium frame to hold the sheets in place. These walls are really efficient in keeping out noise and pests, and are moisture-resistant.

Wooden partition wall

Wooden partition walls are lightweight and relatively easy to install, but are susceptible to rot and insect infestation, and are not fire-resistant.

Metal lath and plaster wall

Metal lath and plaster walls are thin but strong, durable, and fire-resistant. They’re fixed in position with a timber or steel framework.

For greater insulation against sound and heat, these walls can be constructed with a cavity by attaching the lath on each side of specially-shaped steel channels.

Stud wall

A stud wall consists of plasterboard fixed to a frame of timber or metal studs secured to the ceiling, floor, and walls. They can be decorated to appear as an integral part of your house or office.

We’ll also provide wall plastering services to give your walls a smooth and even finish.

Drywall/gypsum board partition pricing in Singapore

Drywall partitioning prices depend on the overall surface area of the wall to be erected. If the area is small, customers would usually be provided a lump-sum cost estimate. This is because every project carries a base cost that includes labour, transport, and time.

Double-sided gypsum partition installation price starts from S$3.50 per square foot, if the area is sizeable. The rate increases with complexity in configuration or if work can commence only after usual business hours. Additional inclusions, like doors and glass panels, would be charged separately.

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