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Cost-effective reinstatement services for offices and shops in Singapore

As a professional contractor of reinstatement works, Kepha Design & Contracts can help you, as a tenant, to fulfil the contractually-binding obligation to hand back a rented property to the landlord in its original condition on expiration of the lease.

Each establishment – whether it’s an office, a retail shop, a restaurant or pub, a day spa, or even a home – has different design requirements. So, new tenants invariably carry out a range of renovations to ensure the premises meet their needs. The more extensive the original remodel, the more complex the reinstatement work will be.

As a tenant, it’ll be your duty to undo all renovation works and get rid of temporary fixtures you’ve installed. If wall hacking works are involved, you’d definitely require the hacking services of an experienced contractor – because of safety reasons.

The job of a professional reinstatement contractor entails much more than simply clearing out furniture, fixtures, and fittings. The things you’d removed during renovation earlier on, like partition walls, flooring, and lighting, will have to be restored. And in many instances, the contractor will have to complete the reinstatement project within a short time.

Shop and office reinstatement services of Kepha Design & Contracts

Kepha Design & Contracts’ shop or office dismantling services include:

  • Hacking services that remove wall partitions, ceiling, and flooring – they have to be replaced to match the original condition of the premises. We’ll also fill any cracks or holes that have appeared in walls and ceilings and paint them in their original colour.
  • Restoring doors and windows to their former state, and replacing curtains or blinds.
  • Dismantling all custom furniture, work stations, and fixed cabinets, as do phone, security, computer network systems, including wiring and air-conditioning installations and associated pipework.
  • Repositioning or taking out the fire-safety system/ceiling sprinkler.
  • Removing and/or replacing lighting fixtures and fittings, plus electrical installations and cabling, including outlets and switches.
  • Taking down any signage or decorative touches, such as wall posters, pictures, or artwork, you’d added to enhance the environment of the business establishment.

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Cost of engaging a reinstatement contractor

An experienced reinstatement contractor can work closely with you to keep costs to a minimum and steer you through the whole process to guarantee a flawless hand-over to the property owner.

The reinstatement cost of a typical office or shop of approximately 1,000 square feet starts from S$1,500.

However, the bigger the floor space, the more extensive the renovation is, the greater the need for restoration work to be done, and requirements for dismantling and disposing bulky items like air-con units and furniture, the higher the fee would be.

Ways to save on reinstatement costs

That said, you could avoid or recoup some of the costs of meeting your obligations when you hand back the premises to the landlord. Here’s how:

  • Negotiate with the owner to keep the lighting, electrical outlets, and air-conditioning you’ve installed.
  • Negotiate with the incoming tenant to take over the business establishment in its existing condition.
  • Sell dismantled items, such as doors, windows, and furniture, to a second-hand store or scrap dealer.
  • Buy used products to use as replacements.
  • Transfer items that you don’t or can’t sell to your new premises.

Engage Kepha Design & Contracts’ dismantling and disposal services early

Because taking apart all the hard work that went into the original renovation is a daunting and even distressing process, an outgoing tenant can be forgiven for putting off this job until the last minute.

Nevertheless, planning the reinstatement is just as important as the preparatory work necessary in a renovation. It’s crucial in ensuring a smooth handing over of a clean, pristine, empty space to the landlord. Hence, a reinstatement specialist can offer invaluable advice, while making sure the project is carried out at minimal reinstatement cost.

Engaging Kepha Design & Contracts right from the start of the project would also make a lasting impression with your landlord by demonstrating you’ve been a responsible tenant. You’d never know – you could do business with them again.

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We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

Kepha Design & Contracts believes that to be able to dismantle a physical establishment, you have to know how to construct one in the first place – and we cater to a complete range of renovation services.

We adhere to a methodical, structured plan of action to ensure the successful outcome of any reinstatement work, big or small.

As well as guaranteeing that the requirements of the landlord are fulfilled, we’ll take care to make sure the project complies with relevant building regulations and codes.

Kepha Design & Contracts has the experience and expertise you can rely on to achieve the results you and your landlord expect from a reinstatement project.

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