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Professional grid and plaster false ceiling installation and repair services in Singapore

The quality grid ceiling and plaster ceiling installation and repair services that Kepha Design & Contracts provides will help elevate the value of your residential or office property – because we’ll be able to better its outlook.

Today, a false ceiling (also called a suspended or drop ceiling) can be seen in many homes and office premises, and in business places such as theatres, shops, and restaurants.

Use of Kepha Design & Contracts suspended ceilings

Drop ceilings can be an integral component of interior design:

  • False ceilings conceal a building’s infrastructure, including wiring, pipes, and ductwork.
  • Dropped ceilings are also useful in hiding problems such as structural damage, and concealing constructional work that would otherwise spoil the look of a room.
  • Suspended ceilings cut energy costs in homes and offices by reducing the height of the room.
  • Creative interior false ceiling designs can add texture to a room that pleases the eye; and they provide a setting for functional and decorative touches such as lighting and fans.

Additional benefits of false ceiling installations

  • Extensive range of choice. Modern dropped ceilings come in a broad variety of materials and colours that can enhance the décor of any room – especially for false ceilings used in the living room and the bedroom.
  • Easy installation of lighting. A suspended ceiling makes it easy to put in lighting systems and can reduce the amount of illumination needed. Also, they’re ideal for aesthetic use of lighting effects, including concealed illumination.
  • Sound-proofing. In business spaces such as conference rooms, they can be a major factor in reducing noise and creating a quiet and calm atmosphere.
  • Office space reconfiguration. A suspended office ceiling can also be employed in conjunction with partition walls to create smaller, separate work areas out of one large office.

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Grid ceiling and plaster ceiling installation services

Kepha Design & Contracts is adept at fixing up the 2 most commonly used false ceiling types. Further, we adhere to best practices developed by Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore.

Grid ceilings (exposed or concealed)

They’re primarily found in offices and other commercial properties.

With the exposed-matrix blueprint, the grid into which panels (or ceiling tiles) can be set is visible. It’s typically finished in colours that contrast or harmonise with the panelling.

Concealed grids use tiles to hide the grid system from view, to create a clean, smooth appearance.

Plaster ceilings

Gypsum boards are usually used to construct them.

Gypsum false ceilings are smooth, lightweight, thermally and sound insulated, and fire resistant. They allow for attractive ornamentation, but tend to be less durable than other materials used in false ceilings. They’re also prone to discolour over time.

Plaster ceilings are commonly installed in homes.

Other types of false ceiling material

Wooden dropped ceilings used to be the norm. Today, you can choose from a range of materials, including gypsum board, plaster of paris (POP), bamboo sheets, jute, plastic, aluminium panelling, plywood, fibreboard, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Kepha Design & Contracts will help you select the right suspended ceiling that fits your requirements

Whether it’s a residential or commercial false ceiling work or project, the key factors you should consider when choosing the type of ceiling to install include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Fire resistance
  • Sound absorption
  • Exposure to moisture
  • Ease of alteration
  • Life expectancy
  • Statutory requirements regarding health and safety

Of course, we’ll guide you along in making a decision.

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False ceiling and cornice repair services

An improperly installed drop ceiling risks collapsing over time. A plaster false ceiling can also be damaged by water seeping through the concrete slab it’s concealing.

In a house, such a mishap may cause hurt to loved ones. And within a commercial setting, for example a retail store or restaurant, a fairly large group of people could be injured in an instance. This may lead to costly lawsuits and serious damage to the reputation of the negligent business entity.

Hence, it’s imperative a damaged false ceiling, however slight, is mended by a professional promptly. Kepha Design & Contracts provides such repairs.

False ceiling installation prices in Singapore

The total area which the dropped ceiling will cover is a factor in pricing a ceiling installation project. If the area is small, we’d quote customer a lump-sum fee. This is because there’s a minimum cost for every job.

Nevertheless, if the size of the area justifies cost per square foot pricing, the rates (excluding painting and light fixing) are:

  • 2 feet x 4 feet acoustic grid ceiling – price starts from S$2.50 per square foot
  • Plaster ceiling – price starts from S$2.50 per square foot
  • L-box – price starts from S$8 per foot run
  • U-box – price starts from S$10 per foot run
  • Cove light – price starts from S$8.50 per foot run
  • Air-con pelmet – price starts from S$50 per piece
  • Access panel – price starts from S$60 per piece

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Kepha Design & Contracts will steer you through the entire installation process and point out potential issues to you. And we’ll help you to make the right decisions that will guarantee you get a new ceiling to be proud of.

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