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Skilled commercial renovation services contractor that will help boost your business

A qualified, experienced commercial renovation company can transform your business premises to achieve long-term benefits for both you and your employees.

A refurbishment may seem like a monumental task to undertake while coping with the everyday stresses of running your company – large or small – but the advantages of a commercial remodelling far outweigh the temporary inconvenience caused by the work.

As you plan a remodel of corporate premises, you need to take into account the wellbeing of the people who will have to use that space on a day-to-day basis – your workers (and, in some cases, customers and clients).

Making the working environment of your staff a priority will help to keep them contented and motivated as they go about their business, and, if you can maintain a happy workforce, they’ll be much more willing to go that extra mile, which can result in increased profitability for your company.

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Project your company culture

The design of your premises, and how it’s regarded by your employees, will help to reflect your specific company culture, a further positive influence on employee contentment and efficiency. So, make sure your corporate remodelling has a central theme mirroring your firm’s values and beliefs.

Clinical psychologist Dr Noelle Nelson, in her book, Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy, states: “When employees feel the company takes their interest to heart, the employees will take the company’s interests to heart.”

Look at what you stand for as a business, and how a unique value proposition can make sure you stand out from your competitors. How do you want customers to feel about your business? Going through these processes will enable you to come up with distinguishing design decisions that will ultimately help your business to grow.

Show off your corporate image

Besides employee happiness, another important consideration in a commercial renovation is your company image. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

A corporate makeover should incorporate your company branding, to show you care about how customers see your business. For example, if you run an advertising agency, clients will expect your premises to reflect your creativity, while a law firm will want to reinforce a message of calm and stability.

If you engage the services of top-flight commercial designers and contractors, they’ll be able to add that wow factor to complement your corporate branding.

A redesign of your corporate space is also the ideal time to rethink the entire layout of the premises. A company specialising in commercial renovation services will guide you through the process of maximising available space by employing measures such as efficient use of storage and strategic placement of furniture, fixtures, and fittings.

Time is money

If your business is retail based, like a shop or restaurant, you rely on passing trade for custom, so an eye-catching, engaging design for your premises that echoes your company image could mean the difference between pulling in business or seeing people walk by.

A business owner may be wary of a shop remodelling, fearing the impact it might have on trade, but professional commercial renovation contractors can do the job out of hours.

The adage “time is money” certainly rings true when it comes to a commercial renovation. If you’re doing up premises ahead of your grand opening, you’ll most likely be paying rent for a space that has yet to bring in any money. Therefore, a remodelling that takes longer than anticipated can leave you out of pocket in a big way.

Whatever type of business you’re running, discuss your proposed renovation with employees to brainstorm some ideas, and then bring in commercial contractors who can guarantee a first-rate service and timely, effective completion of your project.

Creating a home from home

Although there are many differences between corporate and residential renovations, you should, in broad terms, think of commercial remodelling along the same lines as a home redesign.

After all, you and your staff spend a lot of time at work, so your business premises should as far as possible be a comfortable home from home. Work closely with your commercial contractors while considering the best use of spaces and optimum conditions for those working in them.

While you have the luxury of being able to think of your workplace or office renovation as if it were a home facelift – having fun choosing materials and colour schemes, and so forth – you need to hire commercial renovation contractors with a proven track record in dealing with business premises, that can bring your project in on time and on budget.

With the help of professionals, you can have the fun while dodging the hassles, including the seemingly endless, necessary but potentially irritating, myriad of rules and regulations that are inherent in a commercial renovation.

A job for the commercial renovation and remodelling services contractor

Even though a business owner may, through personal experience, know a little about home refits, commercial remodelling has some striking differences between the two.

Structurally, your commercial contractor will use metal framing (rather than the wooden frames found in home renovations) and special high-density concrete for foundations. A commercial contractor will also install electrical wiring protected by a metal casing, instead of wires wrapped in plastic.

Throughout your corporate premises remodelling, a contractor experienced in commercial renovation services will be aware of – and will comply with – all local laws, rules, codes, and building regulations, and will know how to effectively go through the right channels to secure electrical and fire safety certificates and permits relating to use of space.

They’ll fulfil mandatory emergency lighting and exit sign obligations. And they’ll comply with regulations relating to door and passageway width and rules on the type of glass to be used in doors.

Before work starts, your contractor will submit floor plans to the relevant authorities on your behalf, and, on completion of the project, they’ll arrange for inspection of the premises where necessary.

Negotiating the bureaucracy that surrounds any commercial renovation can be a tricky, frustrating experience, and it’s a task that demands the services of experienced commercial renovation contractors to steer you through the maze of red tape.

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Why choose Kepha Design and Contracts

We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

The expertise and proven track record of Kepha Design and Contracts in Singapore as a commercial contractor, plus our commitment to minimising disruption during business premises remodelling, will save you time, aggravation, and costly mistakes.

Kepha will work closely with you to create an office, shop, or restaurant – in fact, any type of corporate redesign – that will be a joy for your staff to work in and an impressive, welcoming place for your customers and clients to visit.

We use environmentally-friendly materials and products, such as LED lighting, and we’re skilled in all aspects of commercial renovation services, such as flooring, wallcovering, custom furniture, ceiling, and partition wall work.

You and your staff work hard, so we’ll make your business space work hard for you.


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I am very satisfied with the workmanship and five-star service from Kepha. For this project, they were able to build everything to the minute details and specifications from the design provided. We will definitely engage them again for future projects.


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