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Professional office and house painting services in Singapore

Kepha Design & Contracts’ office and house painting services can make a difference when it comes to decorating your business premises or home.

Applied correctly, a fresh coat of paint will make an interior look up-to-date and vibrant. People who spend time in the room would feel energised.

Services of painting contractor Kepha Design & Contracts

Instead of simply painting over your walls, our painters will first repair any cracks, sand down bumps, and wash the surfaces if needed. Your wall or ceiling would be dry and clean of any loose debris.

Further, we’ll protect the work area. If it’s necessary, your furniture will be removed and the floor covered with a drop cloth.

We believe quality tools are essential for good results. Hence, our painting pros don’t skimp on brushes, rollers, and pads. What’s more, we use proper painters’ tape, not masking tape, to ensure smooth, clean paint lines.

To prep the surface so that paint adheres to it more effectively, we’ll use a primer. It’ll also ensure the true colour of the paint shines through.

Importantly, we won’t rush to complete a job – we’ll wait for each coat of paint to dry before applying another.

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Types of paint we provide

Our professional painters are adept at determining precisely what types of paint and finish to use to achieve outstanding results.

  • Water-based paint. Most wall paint nowadays is water-based. Water-based paint has a low level of toxic emissions, dries quickly, is resilient to breakdown, and keeps its colour over time without yellowing.
  • Oil-based paint. It’s ideal for an attractive shine and a hard, durable finish. Hence, oil-based paint is usually used on doors and other woodwork.
  • Flat matt paint. Flat matt is considered the standard for walls and ceilings in both home and office painting because its intense depth of colour creates a tranquil mood and helps to conceal imperfections. Cream shade instead of white is recommended for ceilings.
  • Gloss paint. The reflective sheen of gloss paint looks good on baseboards and mouldings, as well as doors. It’s extremely hard-wearing and can endure cleaning over a long period. Eggshell and satin are often used in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, where ease of cleaning is a priority.
  • Washable paint. As opposed to flat paint, washable satins or semi-gloss are ideal for high-traffic areas such as foyers, hallways, and stairways.
  • Undercoat. For an attractive finish that will last, it’s imperative to apply the correct base coat. A primer is used on new surfaces to protect the base surface and provide a sound foundation for further coats. If a surface had previously been painted, our painting contractors will use an undercoat that matches the colour of the decorative finish coat.

Paint for exterior

Exterior flat paint is available with a rough or smooth texture.

Gloss and slightly-less-shiny satin finishes are perfect for wooden and metal surfaces, indoors or outdoors. Gloss is usually applied as a single coat over one or two coats of primer.

More hard-wearing than flat paint, eggshell has a slight sheen and is often applied on interior wood surfaces as an alternative to semi-gloss.

Speciality paints

A quality paint will perform well in most situations, provided it’s used with the right primer and on the surface it’s designed for.

Sometimes, it’s worth using a paint devised for a specific task. For example:

  • Special bathroom and kitchen paints are formulated to battle moisture and fungal growth.
  • Floor paint for concrete flooring and floorboards, in gloss and sheen finishes, is typically solvent-based and very hardwearing.
  • Some types of metal paints can be applied directly over rust.

We’ll help you select the right type of paint and finish.

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Kepha Design & Contracts has a wealth of experience in providing complete renovation services.

As professional interior designers, we know how to select the right type of paint and finish for your particular requirements to produce a mood-enhancing atmosphere in your home or office.

As a skilled residential and commercial painting contractor, we guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and minimum amount of disruption during your painting project.

The painting services of Kepha Design & Contracts come with a warranty. Therefore, you can be assured you won’t have to pay extra for a botched job.

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