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Experienced retail shop renovation services in Singapore

Quality retail shop renovation done by Kepha Design & Contracts will be a potent tool to boost sales and expand your customer base.

If you run a retail business, you might be wary of the cost of a shop renovation. Nevertheless, a new-look retail store construction can prove to be a shrewd investment that will repay you handsomely.

The retail shop renovation services of Kepha Design & Contracts

The store remodelling services we provide are comprehensive. They include:

In whichever shop redesign project we work on, we aim to complete it promptly so that you may commence your business as planned and start generating revenue.

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Recommendations on shop renovation

In order to entice patrons into your shop and encourage them to spend, we’d recommend clients to:

  • Create an attention-grabbing main entrance and storefront. Guide people into your store with a paved walkway, covered with a decorative, retractable awning, which can also provide shelter in bad weather.
  • Develop an appropriate theme for your retail store.
  • Incorporate a large display window in your shop renovation so you can showcase your wares and attract the attention of passersby.
  • Lay out your store in such a way that it’s easy for customers to navigate as they go about their shopping.
  • Don’t try to cram too much merchandise into a small area, as you maximise sales per floor area.
  • Position your point-of-sales systems in a logical way that’s convenient for your customers to make payment.

Overall, your retail renovation should suggest success and expansion of the outlet, while giving customers a better shopping experience than that provided by your business rivals.

For your staff, working in a well-designed modern store will strengthen team morale and present an appealing aspect to new job candidates.

Suggestions for a budget retail renovation

  • Keep a sense of perspective. A retail store renovation rarely entails a total demolition job. You can save money if you can keep existing electrics, plumbing, load-bearing beams, and phone/broadband wiring intact.
  • Meet deadlines and keep within budget. This is essential to minimise the project costs and lost sales caused by interruption to your normal business activities.
  • Consult your staff and customers. These are the people best suited to tell you what your store makeover should achieve. Getting it right from the onset will avoid costly changes later.

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We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

Kepha Design & Contracts will provide you the highest quality of design work, craftsmanship, and materials.

With our experience in commercial renovation services, we can help you stay on budget and meet deadlines, while striving to ensure minimum disruption to your business throughout the entire store revamp.

We’ll also take care of all the paperwork when it comes to regulatory permits and the like.

Kepha Design & Contracts will liaise carefully with you to ensure your shop renovation provides a motivational environment for your staff and an inviting space where your customers will want to return to time and time again.

What’s more, to provide you the assurance the finishing in your store is of high-standard, you’ll be covered by our renovation warranty of 6 months.

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