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Smart home office renovation contractor that will set up a productive work area for you

An experienced home office renovation company can help you to create an extra working space to make your house more functional and increase its attractiveness to a potential buyer.

The popularity of home offices is increasing alongside advances in technology, and nowhere more so than in Singapore, where the Government is constructing “the world’s first Smart Nation”, and statistics show that in 2015, 88% of Singaporean households had access to the Internet.

As soon as computers became the norm in homes, it became evident that enjoying the benefits of being connected to the outside world would require some space in your house being set aside to accommodate, at the bare minimum, a computer, desk, and chair.

Portable devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones may be ideal for keeping in touch with friends while on the move, through social media networks.

However, many people, when at home, find that a proper computer workstation provides a more suitable environment to engage with technology, particularly with chores such as household admin, like paying bills, keeping track of appointments, and online shopping.

If you’re among the growing number of people who work from home, a practical office is imperative in enabling you to carry out your job without losing focus.

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Where to site your office

Whether you earn a living by working from home or you just want to take full advantage of what rapidly-developing technology has to offer, a home office is a must.

If your home already contains an office, there’ll come a time when it’s seen better days and needs a little TLC. Or perhaps you haven’t got round to setting up a workstation in your house yet.

In either case, the guidelines for a stylish, functional home office are pretty much the same, with one exception: if you’re planning to install a new office, the big question is where to put it.

The good news is that you don’t have to live in a mansion to have a home office. If you walk through your home to identify areas that are little used, you should soon find a few possible locations for your office.

In fact, any nook in your living room, bedroom, even the kitchen can probably provide adequate space for a desk and chair. Or perhaps you have a spare bedroom or a dining room that is only used a few times a year for special get-togethers.

If your residence is your place of business, you’ll want to set up an office where interruptions can be kept to a minimum so you’re not distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday family life. A basement or attic is perfect for establishing a relatively spacious workplace away from domestic disruptions. What’s more, you could even have a bathroom or toilet to use close-by!

Don’t have a spare bedroom, loft, or basement to convert into a dedicated office space? Corners of rooms often present an opportunity to locate an office. With a little rearranging and some help from a residential renovation contractor, you may be able to put an office in your bedroom and still have a relaxing place to sleep in.

Take a look at your larger rooms to see whether you have a wall with space for a desk, chair, filing cabinets, and bookshelves. An under-stairs space could also fit the bill for a home office renovation.

If possible, make your office a room with a view by setting your desk and chair in front of a window.

“The kitchen table just won’t cut it”

With ever-increasing advances in technology, more companies are encouraging home-based working, and being able to incorporate an office into your house is now seen as a major way of increasing the value of your property.

Purplebricks, the British online estate agency founded in 2014, conducted research in 2016 that reveals a designated home office construction is now a key selling point. Co-founder Michael Bruce told the Express UK national newspaper: “As we see a real change in how people are working, it appears the kitchen table just won’t cut it anymore.”

Why colour is important

Once you’ve set up your home office, you need to keep it looking good, yet it seems that home office renovation takes a back seat when it comes to decorating.

Amy Morin, an expert on psychological aspects of business, says the way a home office is decorated can affect the work done there. Writing in the US business magazine Forbes in 2014, Morin said: “A new coat of paint is a simple yet effective change. The colour of walls can play a role in your mood and productivity.”

According to US interior designer Christa O’Leary, founder of Home in Harmony Lifestyle, having a red backdrop to your office will prove stimulating and increase the heart-rate, while a blue wall calms the nervous system. “Taking into account the physiological effect of colour to the body is important,” she says.

Go small or go big?

Home office construction or renovation can be a small project or a major redevelopment, depending on your requirements, budget, and timeline. Remodeling Magazine reckons householders in the USA spend an average of $38,200 on a home office renovation.

Here are some of the jobs that a home office construction may entail:

  • Painting or papering walls. Choosing a vibrant colour or bold pattern as an accent wall for your office space can provide a dramatic focal point.
  • Customising furniture. Acquiring office furniture that are designed and fabricated specially for the allocated space can coordinate an otherwise hodge-podge array of unrelated pieces.
  • Matching the fixings. Doorknobs, hinges, and window latches can easily be updated to match the style and design of your office.
  • Finishing touches. Curtains or blinds, ornamental vases, and wall art can give your office a sophisticated appearance.

The more advanced tasks involved in a home office setup are best left to a home office renovation and construction company, if you want to steer clear of the sort of blunders DIY-ers often make. These jobs include laying flooring, installing cabinets, hanging doors, reupholstering, framing out a new wall and other structural alterations, electrics and plumbing.

Getting any one of these tasks wrong could prove to be a costly error that will set your project back as you have to call in a professional to sort out the mess.

Making things run smoothly in home office renovation

If you’re going in for a major home office renovation, a few simple precautions could prevent a disaster, so…

  • Do a clear-out. Think about which non-essential parts of your office you can box up, label, and stow away during the refit.
  • Back up your data. Use an external hard-drive or other data storage device to make sure all of your vital information doesn’t disappear.
  • Take photos. If you need to dismantle a tech set-up in readiness for your home office renovation, snapping a few pictures will make it much easier to reassemble everything.

Protect the electronics. To prevent cables, cameras, and other small electronics from becoming caked in dust during the office remodelling, store them away in sealable plastic bags.

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Kepha Design and Contracts in Singapore has been designing and installing home offices for years. We can offer advice on all aspects of home office construction and renovation, including structural alterations, cabinetry, selection of office furniture, and decorating.

If you live in a smaller home, Kepha is adept at converting tiny spaces into a practical workstation or study area.

We guarantee to complete your office project with a minimum of disruption to your home life and at a reasonable cost, while paying close attention to your individual requirements.

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