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Qualified deck builder and renovation contractor that will add a classy aspect to your home

A quality deck builder and renovation company can augment your home with a stylish extra dimension. Building a new deck, or renovating one that’s seen better days, will improve your lifestyle and enhance the appearance of your property.

In warmer weather, people throughout the world enjoy spending quality time outdoors, particularly if they can do so from the comfort of their own home.

In Singapore, it’s hot all year through, averaging more than 30C during the day, with little seasonal variation. So, if you live in Singapore, you already have a good reason to install a new deck or spruce up your old one.

Adding a deck to your house may not be costly – likely comparable with other home improvement projects such as a kitchen renovation or an extensive bathroom remodelling.

However, the main benefit of a smart-looking deck, patio, or porch is one you can’t even see: it can increase the value of your property. Some experts claim a new deck adds more value to a house than an extra bathroom.

Besides financial considerations, a quality deck provides an extra aesthetic appeal to your residence. You can easily paint or stain a deck to match the colour scheme of your home, and if you build a deck away from the house, it can highlight an area of your yard or garden that would otherwise seem insignificant.

If you’re a party animal, a deck is a must. It can be an ideal place to host get-togethers, as the sun beats down and the barbecue sizzles.

If you’re not that keen on opening up your deck to guests, you can use it as additional storage space for all those odds and ends that tend to clutter up the garage or make the inside of your home messy.

Why decking is becoming increasingly fashionable

Outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity as more and more people choose to stay at home for vacations (a practice known as a “staycation”).

In some regions of the world, people may shy away from a holiday at home because of the vagaries of the weather, but in Singapore, with its tropical climate, that’s no problem. In fact, more than 15 million international tourists flocked to Singapore in 2015 (3 times the number of the population) to enjoy everything the country has to offer.

As a Singaporean, these attractions are right on your doorstep, and the more accommodating your deck or patio is, the more you may want to make it a base for a staycation.

When it rains (which it frequently does in Singapore!), you can still use your decking, patio, or porch for al fresco entertaining, with the help of a retractable awning, which will also provide protection from gusty winds and strong sun.

As well as your guests, the framework of your decking also needs a shield against the weather, so make sure you apply a good primer, which will also ensure better adhesion when painting your deck, and make the paint last longer.

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Getting it right with decking

If you’re renovating an old deck, you need to get a full assessment of what needs to be done, so bring in a professional deck contractor to check out the entire structure and explain the extent of repairs and alterations that are required.

Talk to your deck renovation expert about deck resurfacing and new features you want to incorporate into the redesign to make the deck more adaptable to your lifestyle, bearing in mind issues such as flooring space, privacy screens, framing features, and stair width.

Older decks may not meet current building codes and statutory regulations on safety. Your residential renovation company will know all about these requirements.

Whether remodelling an old deck or building a new one, it’s important to understand that building materials for decking have a lifespan, dependent on exposure to the elements of the prevailing climate and the level of wear and tear.

Treated wood and cedar are popular for decks, while man-made products for decking include composites, PVC, and vinyl. Your deck builder will be able to advise you on the best deck resurfacing materials to suit your needs.

Another point to consider in a deck restore when deciding on building materials is that different types of decking components require varying levels of maintenance. Treated wood and composites are pretty much maintenance-free, but regular cleaning is recommended to keep them looking as good as new.

The shape and size of your new deck should fit in with the landscape. For instance, curved pathways in your garden or yard should be reflected in the decking design, while linear garden schemes are best mirrored by square decks and railings.

You also need to consider traffic-flow between your deck and garden, and whether alterations are needed to exterior lighting.

Plan for the future

If you have a deck that’s way past its sell-by date, a deck repair may be out of the question. If the structure of your old deck has deteriorated significantly, it’s time – in the words of the 1983 hit by post-punk band Orange Juice – to rip it up and start again.

This may seem an expensive option, but a new deck installation is a safer and more effective solution in these circumstances.

If you do decide to tear down your old deck, you’ll need to get rid of the resulting rubble, so factor removal time and disposal costs into your decking project budget. You may also be able to salvage and recycle some materials.

Most decking lends itself to one or two renovations, so you should plan a new structure to suit your future needs, as well as current requirements.

Incorporate features, such as lighting and rail design, that you can live with long-term, and consider your outdoor entertaining habits and how your family’s lifestyle may evolve over the years.

Getting your deck renovation spot-on will make the most of your investment.

Why engage a patio, porch, and deck builder and renovation and remodelling contractor

If you go it alone with your decking development, without the benefit of the expertise of an experienced deck installer, you could find yourself making the sort of mistakes that often plague DIY decking projects. Here are just a few of them:

  • Ignorance of structural requirements. The amateur rarely knows enough about all-important structural issues such as footing size, joist sizing and spacing, railing guidelines, staircase construction, and beam sizing. Failure to get the basics right is a recipe for a decking disaster.
  • Using the wrong type of fixings. Steel fixings like bolts, nails, and screws need to be galvanised (coated in zinc to protect against corrosion) when used in decking construction. These fixings cost more, but if you don’t use them, you could be facing major repairs in a year or two.
  • Decking boards out of true. Failing to lay decking boards straight won’t cause any structural problems but they look unprofessional and unsightly. A qualified deck builder never makes this mistake.
  • Hitting underground services. The consequences of damaging underground electrical lines or gas and water mains could pose a serious threat to safety and entail heavy costs in getting them repaired.
  • Drooping deck. Sagging decks are often caused by use of the wrong type of timber or getting timber sizes wrong. Hire a professional deck contractor, and you won’t have this problem.

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Why choose Kepha Design and Contracts

We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

Kepha Design and Contracts in Singapore sees your new or renovated deck as a portal between your outside space and the interior of your home, and, as such, we understand, from a design point of view, the need for your decking to blend in with both aspects.

As an experienced deck contractor, and patio renovation and porch renovation company, we can add a stylish extra space to your home that your family and guests can enjoy for years to come.

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