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Qualified basement renovation contractor that will build you extra space affordably

A basement renovation company and builder can create an extra room in your home without all the hassle and expense involved in the construction of an extension.

The first step if you’re planning a basement remodelling is to consider how you want to use the space.

One popular utilisation of a basement is as a relaxing place to hang out – a games room, entertainment centre, and bar area, for example. But there’re many other options – you can even include a guest bedroom with adjoining bathroom or toilet.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a flexible design will make it easier to repurpose your basement in the future.

Basements are typically large areas, lending themselves to partitioning to provide different zones for various activities, such as arts, crafts, and other hobbies, and watching TV. They also commonly provide a home for an office or mini-gym.

Homebuilding & Renovating, a top-selling UK magazine in its field, suggests a basement works best as a second living room, dining room, or playroom. “Unlike loft space, a basement is near main living areas, and so has a more flexible range of uses,” says the magazine.

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Your basement renovation will hold value

It’s well worth considering a basement renovation if you’re planning to put your house on the market.

On resale of your property, a basement remodelling – especially in the hands of a professional basement renovation company – will return a much higher percentage of its cost than any other home project designed to increase living space.

This is because a basement renovation is far cheaper than building an extension. The addition to a home of an annexe of any size entails building a foundation, walls, and roof, while the basic structure of a basement is already in place, ripe for redevelopment.

A makeover by a basement contractor will also make your house more attractive to potential buyers.

According to the USA-based Remodeling Magazine, no other project aimed at creating extra space in the home comes close to holding value as well as a basement refit. The UK property advice platform House Extension Online asserts that basement remodelling can boost the value of your property by 20-30%.

Lighting up your new basement

If you’ve chosen to divide your basement into different activity areas, you can use various colours when painting the walls, to help distinguish each zone.

A dark basement can be brightened up with light, stimulating colours, but a better way to achieve the level of illumination you desire is by clever use of lighting.

Lighting is critical in making your basement a place where your family and friends want to spend time. Nobody wants to hang out in a dismal dungeon!

All rooms can benefit from a combination of lighting types – ambient (general), task lighting, and accent lighting – and the basement is no exception. In fact, illumination is especially important in basements, where natural light can be scarce or, in the absence of any windows, non-existent.

Because basement ceilings are usually lower than those in other rooms in the house, illumination is often directed upwards and reflected off the ceiling from ambient lighting sources such as sconces on a wall.

An alternative, particularly with a higher ceiling, is to install recessed lighting in conjunction with a drop ceiling (also perfect for concealing unsightly fittings such as pipes, ducts, and wiring). Recessed lighting is a favourite in basements used as a games room; recessed fixtures remain safe from over-enthusiastic cue-wielding pool players!

Track lighting can also be used to good effect in a basement remodelling project and may combine spotlights for accent illumination and pendant fixtures for ambient lighting.

If you want to be eco-friendly while cutting your electricity bills, consider long-lasting LED (light emitting diodes) and CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) in your basement renovation project.

Common mistakes in DIY basement remodelling

While an exciting prospect, a basement redesign is a significant undertaking, providing countless opportunities for a do-it-yourselfer to land themselves in a whole world of confusion and frustration. Worse still, some mistakes can be serious and costly, requiring the attentions of a qualified basement builder to rectify.

Here are some common pitfalls that amateurs encounter while attempting a basement renovation:

  • Ignorance of building codes and other regulations. If your new basement doesn’t fulfil statutory requirements, such as safe exit routes, you may well be told to reconfigure your completed renovation or undo all your hard work and restore the area to its original condition.
  • Not having a proper plan. Before building work starts, you need to determine a schedule, take precise measurements, assess costs, and order materials and supplies. Failing to have a clear design in place will result in problems that may send your budget spiralling out of control.
  • Ignoring damp. Because of the nature of its location, a basement will invariably encounter issues with moisture, particularly in the high-humidity, abundant-rainfall climate of Singapore. Any potential drainage problems and ventilation issues must be identified and addressed. Also, proper basement waterproofing will be essential.
  • Putting a vapour barrier in the wrong location. Even those who realise the importance of protection against moisture problems in the basement can still make the mistake of installing a vapour barrier in the wrong place, thereby trapping damp and increasing the risk of mould.
  • Over-confidence. Someone who has carried out renovations in other parts of their house, like the kitchen, may feel qualified to tackle a basement remodelling, without realising that construction techniques associated with general renovations in the home don’t necessarily apply to basements.

A job for the expert basement renovation and remodelling contractor and builder

Hiring a professional residential renovation company will safeguard against the errors frequently seen in DIY basement jobs. An experienced basement contractor will not only ensure mistake-free work, but also guarantee you get a quality new basement to be proud of.

Here are some ideas you may wish to discuss with a basement renovation company to help you add an extra living space to your home, while improving your lifestyle and potentially boosting the value of your property:

  • Dig down. If your basement ceiling is too low for your purposes, one option to increase head height is to lower the flooring by digging out the existing base and pouring new footings, while taking care not to affect any walls or foundations of your home or those of your neighbours.
  • Look ahead. In most homes, the basement houses the mechanical systems of the house, so remember that you’ll likely need to get access to these in the future to do any major work on your main floor.
  • Reduce noise. If your new basement is to be used as a playroom, games area, or entertainment media centre, things are going to get loud. Install sound insulation within the ceiling to protect the rest of the house from excessive noise.
  • Make a style choice. Do you want your basement to match the furniture and finishes in the rest of your home, or do you want it to have a different feel?

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As a basement builder with many years of experience and a reputation for outstanding reliability, Kepha would be delighted to place its expertise at your disposal to create a basement renovation of the highest calibre.

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