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Credible restaurant renovation contractor and builder that will create a diners’ paradise for you

An experienced restaurant renovation contractor and builder can help to turn your place of business – whether a humble eatery or more spacious catering establishment – into a diners’ delight. You may be offering your customers appetising food with great ingredients, created and presented with loving care and served up in style, but there comes a time when a restaurant begins to look tired.

A restaurant remodel is the obvious solution to reinvigorate your premises and reenergise your business. However, when it comes to restaurant renovation, many pitfalls lurk in the shadows, even for experienced restaurateurs.

Any business wants to maximise profits by minimising costs, and it’s only natural that restaurant owners may consider cheaper solutions in a revamp of their premises. But cost-cutting measures, like working from inadequate plans or hiring a restaurant contractor with little experience, will invariably result in a botched job that could slash your bottom line by keeping customers away.

Other commons mistakes in a restaurant remodel include:

  • Failing to set a realistic budget. Restaurant renovation never comes cheaply, and the bigger your establishment, the more a redesign will cost. Budgeting for a restaurant remodel requires careful planning and monitoring, and a specialist restaurant contractor can give you invaluable advice on this.
  • Buying second-hand equipment. This is never a good idea for a restaurant, at any stage of its development. To deliver a first-rate service to your clientele, you need top-flight apparatus. Another drawback with bringing in used equipment is that there will likely be no warranties should something go wrong.
  • Taking on too much space. If you’re choosing new premises for your restaurant, it can pay to think small. Creative use of a smaller area means it’s less costly to run and can be designed to provide a cosy, comfortable atmosphere. If ceiling height allows, think about mezzanine seating and vertical storage.
  • Building a huge kitchen. Well-designed small kitchens, with island-style preparation and cooking areas, are capable of producing high volumes of food. An ergonomic design will minimise movement of kitchen staff and reduce the risk of accidents and food spills.
  • Installing a massive, wall-mounted TV. Unless your business is a sports bar, the overbearing presence of a television will distract and annoy your customers, who are seeking refuge from an electronically over-stimulated society.

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How to get the perfect kitchen

The kitchen is the engine room of your restaurant, and demands careful attention in the planning stages. While a restaurant kitchen doesn’t have to be huge, getting the design right is imperative. A good kitchen will enable your staff to prepare food in an efficient manner and adhere to safe and hygienic food-handling practices.

Never sacrifice effective workflow and staff safety for the sake of an overly-stylish design. Allow for adequate space around equipment and site a fryer at the end of the appliance run. Consider the volume of food you’ll be preparing and cooking, and how many people you need to have working in the kitchen.

The services of a professional restaurant construction company can give you peace of mind by advising on measures to ensure your kitchen complies with statutory regulations, building codes, and standards and regulations on health and safety.

Ventilation and appliances

Inadequate ventilation in the kitchen will result in an unpleasant working environment, and possibly a health hazard, for your staff, and can lead to disagreeable odours seeping into your dining area. Failure to use industry-standard venting and fume-extraction systems will also produce an accumulation of grease, making the kitchen difficult to clean.

Appliances such as ovens and refrigeration units should be chosen to match the amount of food you need to cook and store, and it’s a good idea to take future growth into account. Equally important, to make the best use of your kitchen equipment, get a qualified restaurant contractor to install it.

Safety, maintenance, and recycling

In the interests of staff safety, it’s vital to use the right building materials in your restaurant kitchen. Shiny marble or porcelain floor tiling may look good but can be an accident waiting to happen in a busy kitchen. Choose materials that are safe, easy to clean, and heat resistant.

Once your new kitchen is up and running, it’s essential to keep it that way – working efficiently on a day-to-day basis. You need to ensure regular maintenance of equipment to prevent breakdowns that can disrupt your business.

Always remember to plan sufficient space near the kitchen for waste disposal and recycling. If this area is too small or too far away, you’ll end up with garbage where it doesn’t belong or having to empty bins constantly.

Tips to achieve a high-class restaurant renovation

Little things can make a big impression. When planning a restaurant remodel, there’re so many major considerations to weigh up that it’s easy to forget about the less obvious aspects of a restaurant facelift, which can provide the icing on your renovation cake.

  • Make your silverware shine. The silverware you provide for your guests can a make a big difference to the mood of your diners before they’ve even taken a bite of food. Flimsy, lightweight tableware will create an impression of insubstantial, cheap food.
  • Let your customers make a grand entrance. Make sure the entrance to your restaurant is highly visible from the street and is as impressive as possible. Pay attention to the doorknob; its weight, texture, style, and the materials used all help to make a good first impression, communicating your restaurant’s brand identity.
  • Get the lighting right. How you illuminate your dining area helps to set the tone and atmosphere of your restaurant, but lighting is a highly-specialised field of commercial design and calls for the attention of a skilled restaurant contractor. While candles and low lights will create a romantic, relaxed mood among your clientele, your staff need brighter task lighting to enable them to do their jobs properly and safely.
  • Choose music to suit your clientele. A restaurant engages all the senses, so couple an ambient sound backdrop with your mood lighting to further enhance the tranquil atmosphere of your restaurant. Or, if you’re running a Hard Rock Cafe type of diner, aimed at the Generation X customers, blasting out rock ‘n’ roll will do the trick.
  • Consider future storage needs. When planning your kitchen, in collaboration with your restaurant designer, never underestimate storage requirements. Add extra storage whenever you can, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. You won’t regret it in the long run.
  • Create an alfresco dining area. Construct a deck or patio to increase seating capacity, if you have the space (it needn’t take a lot of room). Put in trellis walls and attractive flooring and, if possible, add a small bar and an outdoor grilling station.

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