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Dependable pub renovation contractor’s splendid end product that will help you pull in patrons

Whether or not you hire a reliable, experienced pub renovation contractor to handle a bar refit can be a make-or-break factor when it comes to the success of your pub business.

Every year, millions of international tourists flock to Singapore (15.2 million in 2015 alone – 3 times the population of the country). Many of them will be making a bee-line for the Lion City’s bars – the backbone of Singapore’s buzzing nightlife – as the city-state transforms itself at dusk from a super-efficient hub of business and commerce into one big party paradise.

Of course, not everyone wants to party hard all night long. So, there’s also a niche for more sophisticated, laid-back pubs where customers can simply relax in cosy surroundings and couples can enjoy a romantic evening.

Whatever type of clientele you’re aiming to attract, a bar renovation carried out by an experienced pub refurbishment contractor will go a long way in attracting more customers – tourists and locals – to your establishment.

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How to make the most of your bar renovation

The first step in a pub renovation is to determine what your target audience actually wants. Visit other pubs to see how they’re attracting trade, and come up with a plan that’ll give your customers what they hanker for.

Aim to achieve a wow factor in your pub refurbishment. Perhaps the premises have potential to establish a rooftop bar affording breath-taking views across Singapore’s skyline. Or maybe there’s an exterior space that could be developed by building a stunning patio or deck.

You can have the most alluring wow factor within your pub, but it’ll be going to waste unless your bar renovation presents an attractive entrance to your establishment – one that’s instantly inviting and welcoming to passing trade.

The street aspect – or kerb appeal – of your bar is crucial, so you need a creative design for the main public entrance to your premises. It may include bright signs, stylish outdoor furniture, and an attractive selection of potted plants.

Once inside your bar, your patrons, in most cases, will expect a certain degree of comfort, so the type of stools and chairs you choose is important. Go for tall bar-stools at the counter and lower chairs at the tables. Make sure the height of your seating is compatible with your bar counter and tables.

The centrepiece of your pub is the bar counter, so it’s a key aspect of your bar renovation and needs to be carefully planned and well-constructed. The materials and finish of the counter should reflect the overall ambience of your pub design, while enabling ergonomic efficiency for the people working behind it. Remember to plan for a sink and drainage for washing glasses.

Lighting and food

Lighting plays a major role in both the aesthetics and functionality of pub refurbishment. It’s a good idea to avoid extremely bright or dim lights, instead install a lighting system that produces a warm feel, maybe in a yellow colour palette. Utilise both pendant and wall lights, with dimmer controls for added flexibility in mood enhancement.

If the emphasis of your pub will be on providing food, you may want to consider fitting a designated kitchen area. It’ll require a quality ventilation system, preferably installed by a professional pub refurbishment contractor. A pub kitchen design should ensure ease of maintenance of equipment such as cookers, refrigerators, and freezers.

Fit your dining area with small, rectangular or square tables, which, unlike round tables, can easily be placed together to cater for larger groups of people.

Top tips from a professional pub renovation contractor

Here are 8 top tips to help you achieve a bar renovation that’ll pull in customers:

  1. Custom wallcovering. Custom wallpaper allows you to give your bar a completely new look at a relatively low cost, and you can select an image or pattern that will match the overall design of your bar or mirror your pub brand identity.
  2. Toilets. The level of hygiene of pub toilets reflects on the whole bar, so ensure your toilet design provides for ease of cleaning. Your toilets should also be bright and fresh, with tiled floors.
  3. Candles. Using candles in your lighting plan (put them in lanterns to avoid fire hazards) will create a warm, relaxing atmosphere.
  4. Mirrors. The use of strategically-placed mirrors is a relatively inexpensive way to enhance the appearance of your pub while making it look bigger.
  5. Stairways. To avoid the risk of stumbles on staircases, make sure steps are no higher than 18cm and all of equal height.
  6. Bins. Make sure your pub design includes a handy way to dispose of rubbish, while keeping the bins out of sight of customers.
  7. Cash stations. Site cash positions at opposite ends of the bar counter to avoid overcrowding at the bar.
  8. Maintenance. Set aside a monthly allocation of cash to keep your bar renovation looking spruce and stylish.

All aspects of the interior design of your bar renovation, including custom furniture, should form a cohesive whole to create an ambient tone and mood to match your customers’ expectations.

Other jobs in a pub refurbishment may include painting, ceiling work, new flooring, and door and partition wall installation.

Live music can be a money-spinner

Live music can be a big crowd-puller in pubs. PRS for Music (formerly the Performing Rights Society), which collects royalties in the UK on behalf of songwriters, estimates that live music could increase a pub’s drink sales by about $175,000 a year.

If you’re planning to host live music events, a raised stage isn’t absolutely necessary for bands to perform, but you should plan for suitable floor space in your pub renovation. And for the long-term, you may wish to consider investing in an in-house PA system and professional lighting.

Acoustic bands may be ideal for quieter or smaller bars – and it’s a good way to introduce live music to your customers at a lower cost.

Help with licence applications

If you’re opening a new pub, you’ll need a licence from the Liquors Licensing Board (LLB). If your bar is going to sell food, you’ll require a licence from the National Environment Agency (NEA). And if your pub will be staging live music events, you’ll need a licence under the Public Entertainments & Meetings Act.

A professional commercial renovation services contractor should be able to guide you on the application processes on some of these licences.

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A professional pub renovation contractor like Kepha Design and Contracts in Singapore knows full well that a quality bar remodel is crucial to the success of your pub business. Kepha can save you all the hassle associated with pub refurbishment, while eliminating the sort of costly mistakes in pub design that amateurs often make.

Our client-focused business philosophy, backed by our highly-skilled designers and specialist pub refurbishment craftspeople, will guarantee you get a top-flight bar renovation that’ll help you to attract new customers while keeping your existing clientele happy.











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