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Our renovation warranty for home and commercial remodelling that will give you peace of mind

A renovation warranty for home and commercial remodelling provides householders and businesses with peace of mind in the event of problems arising after completion of a refit project.

An added bonus for home-owners and companies who are redesigning their premises is that a contractor providing a renovation warranty will strive to get things right first time. If a builder has to return to the site to rectify problems caused by shoddy materials or poor workmanship, they’ll be doing so at their own expense while they could be earning money on other jobs.

Another benefit of a renovation warranty is that it guarantees your contractor will engage only sub-contractors of the highest calibre, helping to ensure your remodel is brought in on time and within budget.

Remodel warranties typically cover a 12-month spell, which protect you against faults that aren’t immediately apparent but surface over time, such as pipes that gradually leak because of plumbing mistakes or tiling that at some stage starts to crack.

Another big plus of a renovation warranty is a financial one. You won’t have to fork out for any materials or labour involved in putting things right if the problems were caused by inferior workmanship.

Hiring a contractor who backs up their promises with a written warranty can avoid the sort of disputes that plague some renovation schemes. The Consumers’ Association of Singapore (CASE) received more than 1,440 gripes about remodelling jobs in 2015. The most common complaints centred on sub-standard services and defaulting on contractual commitments.

Above all, a renovation warranty reflects a contractor’s commitment to you. If you choose a quality builder in the first place, you’re unlikely to have to resort to your warranty – but it’s good to know it’s there.

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Added safeguard for HDB renovations

By law, only a registered renovation contractor approved by the Government is allowed to work on Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats in Singapore, which house 80% of the population, 95% of whom own their apartment.

To qualify under the Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme, builders have to provide evidence of a faultless track record. However, the Government says this system doesn’t in itself guarantee standards of workmanship, so a renovation warranty provides these home-owners with an added safeguard that their remodelling project will be carried out to the highest standards.

Protecting home-owners and businesses

When a home renovation without the backing of a warranty goes wrong, it’s not only frustrating for the customer, but can result in serious financial implications. The Straits Times, in August 2016, reported how one couple had been left $63,000 out of pocket when the refit of their newly-bought condo apartment turned into a nightmare.

If a commercial remodelling project fails to meet expectations, it can spell disaster for the business especially when it couldn’t continue operations. A commercial renovation warranty takes all of the worry out of a reno project, meaning the business can rest easy in the knowledge that if something does go wrong, it’ll be sorted out by the contractor.

What your warranty does

A quality renovation warranty will include:

  • Fixing problems caused by defects in materials and poor workmanship.
  • Repair or replacement of faulty products or parts, at the contractor’s own expense.
  • Only problems arising from normal use are covered in a typical warranty. Misuse or negligence invalidates the agreement.
  • Full terms and conditions associated with the renovation warranty will be explained by the contractor’s consultants.

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Why choose Kepha Design and Contracts

We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

Kepha Design and Contracts in Singapore has been operating residential and commercial remodelling services since 1998, during which time we’ve earned a solid reputation for dependability, conscientiousness, and commitment to customer satisfaction, supported by the Kepha renovation warranty, which ensures your home or commercial redesign will meet your expectations.

In fact, Kepha aims to exceed clients’ requirements. We’re happy to guarantee the quality of our work with a renovation warranty. Because of our experience and professionalism, we doubt you’ll ever have recourse to refer to your warranty, but, in the unlikely event of a problem arising with your renovation, we’ll put it right immediately if it’s our mistake.

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