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The commercial and home renovation process we adhere to that will get you positive end results

What are the distinctions between the commercial and home renovation process? To a casual observer, there may seem a world of difference between corporate office renovation project management and the home remodelling process. The former brings to mind highly-skilled, large-scale construction work while the latter conjures up images of someone knocking together a rickety shed in their back yard.

While home and commercial renovations may vary in terms of size and scale, the reality, however, is that the same basic principles underpin each of these redesign processes. Both types of renovation process demand a structured approach by professionals in the design and execution of the remodelling process.

If you want the best job possible, whether you’re embarking on a renovation of an office, shop, restaurant, or factory, or require a revamp for a one-bedroom flat, you need a professional, dependable contractor who can deliver results tailor-made to your specific requirements.

In choosing a contractor for a home remodelling process, the householder’s looking for the same skills and expertise as a commercial renovation manager is seeking for a massive commercial refit. For this reason, a homeowner may opt for a renovation company that has a foot in both camps, one with the experience to handle complex design and build issues while realising the importance of individual finishing touches in the home renovation process.

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Communication is key in a renovation project

A crucial tool in the commercial and home renovation process is communication. If you and your contractor aren’t working together on the same wavelength right from the start, your project can quickly become derailed. Lack of effective communication is also at the root of many disputes in renovation project management, particularly redesigns involving residential property.

Good communication from the outset in the remodelling process can avoid headaches further down the line, problems that could be time-consuming and costly to sort out. Communication is a two-way channel, and you need a contractor who will not only provide professional input, but also listen to your renovation process aspirations, expectations, and concerns.

Before you and a contractor sign on the dotted line, you should be satisfied that the two of you click; the last thing you need in the middle of a renovation process is a breakdown in communication and a clash of personalities. You need to take care in choosing a contractor who will not just work for you, but will work with you.

How a professional company handles the commercial and home renovation and remodelling process

Quality renovation project management, whether for the largest commercial redesign or a small-scale home refit, follows the same process. This is what you should expect from a professional renovation company:

  1. Initial conversation. You and your contractor need to get off to a good start. Early discussions with a renovation company present an opportunity to get to know each other. A quality operation will show you its portfolio and credentials before a remodelling consultant takes a brief from you and then visits the site to assess its condition and the extent of work needed.
  2. Presentation and estimation of cost. Before finalising the scope of the project, timeline, and fees, expect to see some visuals of how you can expect the completed refit to look. In today’s hi-tech environment, it’s common for contractors to present 3D drawings and floor and furniture plans.
  3. Permit application and appointment of project manager. Your contractor will apply for relevant permits and secure official approvals as necessary for your project. Materials will be procured and a project manager assigned as a point of communication between you and the crew of craftspeople that’s been assembled. During this stage, fabrication of custom items, such as furniture and cabinets, will get under way.
  4. Installation. Now, it’s time to get to work. After taking delivery of materials and fabricated furnishings, your contractor will commence renovation works, ensuring minimum inconvenience and disruption if you’re remaining or working on the premises. (If you’ve decided you need additions or alterations to the project, let your contractor know as soon as possible).
  5. Handover and quality assurance. At the end of the installation process, the contractor will clear out all debris and carry out general cleaning. You and the project manager will then inspect the job together, giving you the chance to request any finishing touches. Once the touch-up process is completed and you’re completely satisfied with the work, your warranty comes into play.

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Why choose Kepha Design and Contracts

We take ownership of our actions by taking responsibility.

With a core business value of total commitment to customers, Kepha Design and Contracts in Singapore follows the renovation blueprint detailed above with every commercial and home renovation process it undertakes, to ensure an end result that exceeds clients’ expectations throughout all aspects of the project.

When it comes to the home renovation process, Kepha understands that a householder’s home is their pride and joy, their very own space in which to escape from a fast-paced world, and we treat the home remodelling process exactly the same as we handle larger-scale commercial renovations.

If you’re looking for a good renovation contractor who carries out commercial and home renovations with equal diligence (and we’ve been working extensively in both fields since 1998), we’d be happy to talk to you to discuss your renovation requirements.

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